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1 Lemon                                                                                1 Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar
1 Orange                                                                               1 piece Turmeric
1 Grapefruit                                                                            1 piece Ginger
1 cup warm Water                                                                  sweetener of your choice (optional)     

Start by squeezing the juice out of the citrus fruits with a lemon squeezer. Peel fresh turmeric and ginger, cut into little pieces and get the juice out of them with a garlic press ( better not used with actual garlic before).
Pour into a large glas, add water and apple cider vinegar.

By getting older we tend to adapt a few routines along the way, conscious or unconscious. We tend to do them one day without even thinking about it. Like a moving meditation, easy and simple.
Mine has evolved and manifested itself over the last few years and I cannot think of another way to start my day. A morning routine is a calming and important part of the day, as it sets the intention and overall direction for the rest there is to come. It can become a peaceful, self centered time to wake you up entirely. Like an actual meditation or maybe after a sitting meditation you can start then by only a few steps, to create a cherished moment. It works wonders in aligning thoughts and waking up your organs!
By waking up you need to rehydrate, water + lemon is already a very alkalising way to go for. 
But adding apple cider vinegar and fresh turmeric will do the trick. You will give your body 12 of 15 essential minerals, enzymes, vitamins C, A, Bs and E. It stands to reason that you can glow from the inside out with this juice!
It improves your bodys self healing process, detox, digestion and calms the nervous system.
All in just one glas that you sip in the morning! Not bad to adopt this as a common routine, is it?
Kickstart your metabolism with this exciting new twist of the old warm-water-with-lemon!

Love and dashes of lemon,

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  1. This sounds so refreshing! I will definitely have to start my mornings with one of these!!

  2. Hi Gina, well, I love ginger, sounds of a great start into the day! May I ask you were you got those beautiful glases? Thanks and cheers from Germany! Susanne

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