Creating such eye candy is a fun and creative act that I simply love to do ( unabashed I spend time on it almost daily, I like to eat food that looks like art) But more so I love the process, thinking of new combinations and new vegetables I could include in the next bowl. Sometimes the best bowls sprout out of a hurry or need to use ripe food.
With this kind of lunches/dinners I know I get everything I need for the day, some grounding cooked food paired with raw vibrant additions, while it fills me up gently and gives me a sense of comfort! Although it looks like a time consuming orderly dish, most of the time it’s made with a few quick steps – a mix of veggies, leftover rice/quinoa/barley, a batch of legume, fresh greens and some kind of pate/pesto/dressing I have in the fridge!

They are an obvious proof that there is unlimited healthy food to choose from ( provided, sprouted and grown by mother earth) so many combinations, colours and textures which will turn into a beautiful rainbow bowl that you will love and crave, trust me on that!

makes 2 bowls

1/2 cup red rice
1/2 cup yellow lentils
1 red beet
2 carrots
2 big handfuls fresh arugula/beet greens
1/2 cup sauerkraut
1/2 cup almonds
1 sprig rosemary
a pinch of sea salt

Baba Ghanoush
1 eggplant
1/2 lemon, juice and zest
2 cloves garlic
3 tbsp tahini 
2 tbsp olive oil 
1 tsp maple syrup
2 tsp cumin powder
a pinch of cayenne
salt and pepper

Cook the rice in 1 cup water according to the package instructions ( red rice takes about 30-35 minutes). Prepare the Baba Ghanoush.
Roast the eggplant in a 200c oven for about 25 minutes, leave the skin on! When ready blend eggplant with remaining ingredients in a food processor until creamy.
In the meantime, peel carrots and beet, grate them finely. Lightly toast the almonds with the sea salt and rosemary in a pan on medium to high heat for 5 minutes, shaking them every few minutes. Rinse the lentils and cook them in 1 cup of water for 8 minutes. Adjust the bowl to your liking making a circle rainbow with every part of the ingredients, add some fresh greens and sauerkraut and top with a dollop of baba ghanoush in the middle of the bowl! Enjoy!

Go and create your own rainbow-ls! And feel free to tell me your favourite concoctions!

Grounding love,

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