Guess what? I am back, packed with a loooot of memories, lessons learned, fullest heart & nourished with the most amazing and diverse food new york could offer! We had an incredible time connecting to the city, its people and exploring the streets & delicacies. But most of all we explored ourselves – a huge part of traveling, if not one of the most important ones. Being there you can be anyone you want to be, reinvent yourself new with every day, be at a new place every day and night. No day is like the other! Talk about stimulating? The mind, heart and tastebuds were on a constant rollercoaster ride!
Fast forward to a sunday, one of those magical rollercoaster nights.
It has gotten a little cooler than the weekends before but sundays meant outdoor-dance -party, so that sunday end of october, again, we went dancing under the night sky. It was a meditative bike ride, a clear sky, dearest people, a fresh breeze which signalized the end of summer. And making it even more special, it was our second to last night plus the last of the ‘mistersunday-party’ event nights. So a feeling of ‘good things coming to an end’ and saying goodbye layed in the air. Big smiles, warm hugs and deep tunes followed and made our hearts burst with sadness, joy and gratitude. This night will be forever loved and cherished in which I felt connected to every single human dancing next to me – but more so, feeling connected and whole within myself. Movement, siiigghhh! Magical beyond words!
And to top it off, we had to nourish our bodies with something warm & flavorful, like an embrace which comforts you after a brisk night ride. The party ended, the floor and our bodies were still vibrating with energy, the group spreaded. As I always say, unexpected events turn out to be the most changing and wonderful. Later we found our little group of people in the midst of an already closed (and propably overlooked at another occasion) small japanese restaurant. I caught myself thinking worrying – you would have never planned on going here for the last night in brooklyn, yet alone choosing a cuisine you have so little experience with. What if… My mind responded immediately. Wait a minute? Didn’t the whole trip teach you one thing? That nothing can be planned? And with a still vibrating heart from feeling free and loved while reaching your hands into the sky one hour prior to standing here…you should realise that it is all meant to be and it may be possible to in fact get even better?
Just allow it.
And I did.
Obviously my crazy foodie mind speaking, yet it stopped me once again from worrying about nonsense and just allowing good things to come my way. This is how I have come across ramen soup and another little yet important life lesson and got wiser and happier with every single bite.
We started with phenomenal roasted brussel sprouts which my dearest brooklyn friend and I had a thing for and ordered at every restaurant throughout the weeks. And of course every order prior to that was only preparing us for this delicious experience. Then the ramen soup came and blew my mind. How could I have not tried this before? Once again I was deeply in awe of traditional, fresh produce and natural cooking culture. I learned so much this night. We were present and truly enjoying, just like being on the dancefloor. Having the same present mindset behind your actions, can turn any small or big event into an unforgettable happy memory.
One thing was the saying and experiencing of the phrase: ‘put your fork down’ as the soup was this good! Even though we did not actually had a fork in our hand, we just looked and grinned at each other, hearts and bellies full of all that happened over the past months and was happening right at this moment. It all came together right there. But more of that in another post.
A magical miso ramen soup with a kapow! effect of flavour, mushrooms and sprouts & not to forget the noodles, of course the noodles!
I was hooked!
The smell of garlic, miso, ginger and herbs can send me off to bali in a minute if I want to or from now on it will beam me to a corner in brooklyn on a brisk fall day. Not a place one would expect to fall in love with yourself ( or an asian meal). But then again who can predict who you are in any given minute? As long as the heart says yes! …you can be anywhere in the world and it will make sense!
Sometimes you have to fly a few miles to find yourself plus some extra insights you were not looking for! Like my neglected love for dancing, your true self when not in fear, your true self when fully loved, your true self when fully understood, lessons in letting go & finding meaning in fewer not as philosophical things like a really good bowl of ramen noodle soup!
It all makes sense in a way.
It can connect you- reflecting can connect you to yourself and to others more, as well as sharing a good meal does connect you.
Taking care of yourself through trusting life is as important as taking care through a nourishing bowl of food. It both can give you tremendous amounts of comfort and love. And heals you!
So more of that please. For everyone.
As I said, life can change at the least expected places or in the most unplanned moments. Let it take you somewhere. It could be magical and so worth the wait or worry!
Maybe start by making this soup. Just an idea!
Trust me I have put a lot of work and tried my best to recreate the amazingness and the ‘put your fork down’ ( or chopsticks) experience. But researching for recipes, cooking techniques and learning about health benefits is not actual work for me. More so it is pleasure and enhancing wisdom. And then bursting with excitement and wanting to share it with everyone! So thankful for this space, letting me express and share my enthusiasm and newest discoveries!
The bowl offers so much, ingredients, flavors, textures, steamed and fresh parts. Simplicity was asked and I found it in the basics with which you can never go wrong. Ginger and garlic. Start with them, slowly heating up you have a wonderful base, yes and your kitchen will smell amazing.
With it come carrot, black radish, napa cabbage, spring onions, shiitake and oyster mushrooms.
Completed by a rich miso tamari broth, mie noodles, mung bean sprouts and roasted sesame seeds!
I hope by now I have satisfied you enough!
If you need a little more extra then keep reading about the magical mushrooms. ( Magical as in being totally legal, medicinal  and available in your supermarket )
Shiitake – pure medicinal and used for over 6000 years, this mushroom comes in fresh and dried form and is said to boost qi / life force. The shrooms were noted in some of the first books on herbal medicine written thousands of years ago. Pretty magical right? So how and why?
Brimming with protein, fiber, B vitamines and this list:
thiamine, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, vitamin B3,6,9, C and D!!!, calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, selenium and zinc.
– it is no wonder they are a symbol of longevity and one of the most researched foods for immune system support. Giving the system a boost or mellowing its activity when needed. Also the content of polysaccharides is unique and immune supportive.
It is a good non-animal source of iron, the bio availability is very high for humans, especially in the dried state. It has cardio vascular and anti cancer properties, is an antioxidant in protecting us against oxidative stress.
Oyster mushroom – is one of the most commonly cultivated edible mushrooms in the world. It comes in shades of white, gray, yellow ,blue and pink. It provides our bodies with protein, fiber, zinc, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, folic acid, niacin, vitamins C, B1, B2, B6 and iron. The mushrooms are one of the few plant sources for vitamin D which regulates genes that influence cell growth and enzymes in the immune system. It also protects our cells by containing ergothioneine, a unique antioxidant exclusively produced by fungi. Is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.
Adding low calorie mushrooms to your diet is an easy and flavorful way to supplement and increase your intake of essential vitamines & minerals. All mushrooms have to be heated ( not overcooked) to receive their nutritional value. Stock your pantry with dried mushrooms and watch out for the fresh ones in your local grocery store or farmers market as they are worth the second look and grasp!

makes 2 large or 4 small bowls
Prior to cooking soak the dried shiitake in a bowl with water for about an hour or according to the package instructions.

250 gr mie noodles ( spelt or regular)
6 cups warm water
1 piece of ginger
6 cloves garlic
1 tbsp vegetable broth
5 tbsp tamari soy sauce
5 tbsp miso rice paste
2 tbsp maple syrup
2 tbsp coconut oil
a heaping handful of each dried and fresh shiitake, oyster mushrooms
1 large carrot
1 small black radish
1 small napa cabbage
1 stalk of spring onion
a handful of each sesame seeds and mung bean sprouts
1 tbsp sesame oil
fresh parsley
freshly cracked black pepper

Start by soaking the dried shiitake mushrooms in a bowl with water for about an hour. Set aside. Rinse off.
Cut the ginger and garlic in small pieces and heat them up with the coconut oil in a large wok pan until you can smell the flavor, do not burn them. Cut the carrot, radish, spring onions and fresh mushrooms into bite sized pieces and add them to the pan. Stir fry for a few minutes. Add the maple syrup and tamari sauce. Then add the water and bring to a boil for only 2 minutes. Add the broth, miso paste, wait until dissolved then continue by adding the soaked dried mushrooms and the noodles. Let it simmer for 8 minutes on low heat, covered. Meanwhile heat up the sesame seeds in a pan for a few minutes until you can smell them.
Assemble by filling two large or four small bowls with noodles, miso soup water, vegetables and mushrooms. Garnish with sesame oil, sesame seeds, mung bean sprouts, some fresh parsley and pepper. Use a large spoon ( as pictured) and some chopsticks to make the experience whole and fun!
Enjoy with every bite! Let the magic and medicine do their work!

From my grateful and full heart & belly to yours!
Sending you tons of love and energy for this dark cold winter days when a hot noodle bowl of medicinal deliciousness is just everything!
YES to immune power & connecting to soul mates – equally supportive for the system.



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