What an intense year it has been so far? Hasn’t it? Energies floating around and bringing things into perspective. Sometimes you can really feel that a shift is coming, first its slow and quiet but then one day it can be loud and overwhelming. Through a dream or a big sign, knocking at your door ‘ hello I am here, now go flow and create/learn/do/make/change things!’ Ever since I am back I have experienced a lot of those moments, small & big and it blows me away everytime. 
Grabbing opportunities and ideas and making them to reality is huge and intense! A whole new world can open up, if you take the leap. I could feel it over the past few months which had some exhausting and difficult transition phases. But once you pull through it ( being given that it is also winter…duh) you have all that energy and creativity wanting to be adressed and expressed! Not to lie, I had something good happening to me every single day in the last seven weeks of this year! taking me further with new directions and awareness! Counting little & big blessings along the way. 
A powerful new moon action going on here for sure! 
To put it into other words, heartybite will become a real website with posts in both english and german, much more to explore and see, I have secret projects that are soon to be revealed that include raw vegan delicacies, there are workshops in the making & promising collaborations! Thats the sum up, of course there is SO much more going on, like teaching yoga classes ( which is huge on its own! & so much fun)…
I am so grateful for the difficult transition season last year, and being two months away had boosted change and shifting 10 times! So of course I had to dedicate this post to 
a.) a person I miss, without I would not have grown the way and amount I did and 
b.) to a delicacy I miss and connect to the experience ( …we ate and spoke about A LOT)! 
A luscious sweet potato muffin! 
Mmh, oh the memories are too good. What do you remember and miss the most after a vacation? The smells, tastes, the feeling of freedom & happiness, hugs & new friends! So it is only a logical thing to try to relive as much of it as you can through making something that smells and tastes just like that. Plus you can sometimes really relive the feelings you had! It can be that magical. And since I am still not able to beam me over the atlantic, or beam my dearest soul friend over here, I have to find peace and make the best of it with those muffins! (… not that hard, to be honest) Because they are something else! 
Speaking of which, onto the recipe. These little muffins are a very delicious breakfast or
snack! They are rich, luscious and dense with a sweet and hearty flavour, which
really satisfies. They have a slight marzipan taste to them through the almonds, there is pureed sweet potato and the kale pieces on that muffin top are crunchy! 
Did anyone notice the beautiful colour? 
Plus the fact that they come as a comfort food with a load of nutrients? 
Get into the kitchen now ( ok, or after you are done reading).

The health benefits of sweet potato are numerous ( & lets not forget the superpowers of kale!) And I have already spoken about some properties, confessed my love and whatnot in this post BUT they are just too good to be true!
sure to add the sweetest of them all to your meals
throughout the year! Compared, they are one of the most nutritious vegetables
around, got way more vitamin C, fiber ( improving blood sugar regulation) and more of the key antioxidant Vitamin A ( beta-carotene, the color intensity of the sweet potato’s orange flesh is directly correlated to its beta-carotene content) than a regular potato!
In ayurveda it is recommended to eat warm, heavy, sweet and oily foods in the vata season that is fall and winter. Since you want to balance out the cold and dryness in that time, you may have noticed that you naturally crave hot & heavy grounding and warming soups, enjoyed on the couch. It is exactly that what you need. Sweet potatos are very good during vata season since they are an ideal digestive food, soothing for the stomach –  and I ate consciously more of them than I ever did before. Vata season is pretty dominant and does need very much attention. Practice sacred eating and mindfulness, introspection and pamper yourself. Yummy food (especially sweet potatos) in hearty or sweet dishes make the dark times more bearable.

dry, cold and windy winter tends to increase Vata. – See more at:
dry, cold and windy winter tends to increase Vata. – See more at:
dry, cold and windy winter tends to increase Vata. – See more at:
dry, cold and windy winter tends to increase Vata. – See more at:
dry, cold and windy winter tends to increase Vata. – See more at:
dry, cold and windy winter tends to increase Vata. – See more at:
I knew that there are a few human beings on this planet, that are connected to you on a deep soul level – to actually be that lucky and meet one was just beyond what I had ever imagined!
You only feel and know it when you stand infront of each other! And I am realising now, it is really not easy to put into right words.
Like I said the muffins are something else, my encounter with my dear friend from brooklyn was something else too! Only thinking about it makes me smile and shiver at the same time. The whole trip would not have been this crazy wonderful rollercoaster without you! 
Sometimes it can be scary to share such raw and honest words through the ‘interspace’ – but it can also act to manifest, express and share so so much! 
So to express my gratitude and share why luscious sweet potato muffins will always remember me of that one time my sister picked us up after yoga class with three muffins in her hand and we ate them while strolling around union square ( and after secretly thinking about them nonstop during class!).
We had many of these simple yet meaningful moments! 
just looked and grinned at each other, hearts and bellies full of all
that happened over the past months and was happening right at this
moment. It all came together right there’
And I think the awareness about its meaning and how we felt made it all so intense and magical! Because we were aware of it in that exact moment! Sometimes you miss a period of time in your life, a person or a place, when you are already out of that moment, gone, away and after some time has passed. You don’t know what you got until its gone! ( Janet got it right
But the thing with being aware and knowing what you have in the present moment, a dear friend, a conversation, your surroundings, your emotions, a smile or a taste is what it makes it all so darn amazing. And then you can be in a moment when you can not grasp its weight of power, because you feel and see, smell, taste so much and so intensively – and that can take you to a place where you realize and reflect faster. The time in new york was like that almost everyday, every minute. Powerful feelings and thoughts unlimited
Meeting such a person is a gift. It can take you somewhere. It brings you further. It makes me feel inspired, grateful, connected and loved!
I knew that it meant something on a level I could not really explain. Sometimes you don’t have to!
J, you know who you are, this is for you, to forever float around in space, so that these words can reach you across the atlantic. To call you a friend means everything! All my love and muffins to you!

makes 9 small, 6 big ones

1 large sweet potato
1 cup almond flour ( leftover almond milk pulp)
1 cup spelt flour
2 stalks kale
1 cup juice pulp ( carrot, apple, ginger etc)
1/2 cup almond milk
1/2 cup maple syrup
2 tbsp cacao butter
4 tbsp coconut oil
1 small orange, juiced ( optional)
1 tsp vanilla 
1 chai tea bag
a pinch of salt
one handful walnuts 

1 tbsp baking powder
1 tbsp baking soda

In a small pan, boil the sweet potato in water for about 10-15 minutes. Until it reaches a softness that you can easily mash with a fork. Strain and mash.
In a big bowl whisk together the flours, baking powder, soda and salt. 
Melt the cacao butter and coconut oil in a bowl over the pot with the sweet potato.
In another bowl combine juice pulp, almond milk, maple syrup, butter and oil, chai tea, vanilla, juice of orange and add the mashed sweet potato. Mix this bowl with the dry ingredients. Add chopped kale and walnuts. Stir slowly only a few times. Fill the dough into a muffin form.
Bake at 175c / 350 F for 30 minutes.


To stay in the spirit of love and gratitude, this is my 100th post & I have reached 100.000 clicks. Wow!
Thank you, every single one of you!
Whisper some new moon intentions.
Make some muffins.
Hug a friend whose existence means a lot to you.

Sweet love,


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  1. WOW I love it, both the muffins (which remember me of my Work&Travel in NZ where I discovered savory muffins are better than sweet^^) and also the writing! So much enthusiasm, depth and wisdom in those words full of AWARENESS! JAY! 🙂 Ruby

  2. Are you using the spices from inside the chai tea bag in these muffins, or brewing the tea?

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