Sometimes I feel bewildered and not centered at all & I have NO CLUE why.
You do too?
And when I can’t seem to get it, because technically everything is good, I look at the bigger picture.
Another transition phase. Winter to spring.
I was joking with a friend the other day, comparing myself to a plant ( yes sometimes we can go that far with our hippie mind conversations) and how you can witness the transformation of the plants day by day, coming alive, sprouting, changing, growing. How much resting, energies, sun, good soil and water are essential in this process. Aren’t we kind of doing the same?
Resting during the cold months, recharching our energies, nourishing our bodies, keeping us warm and centered.
All of this is essential to be able to shift and be ready for a new season. Fresh start! Spring cleaning! 
Maybe in our case it is all more subtle.
Little changes, a sprout of a new feeling or idea, a growing desire to be outside or dance around, growing out of that heavy winter coat ( like a plant we are breaking out through the earth, metaphorically speaking obviously) fueling ourselves with the first sun beams & the first of springs harvest.
We come alive in a different way, yet it is the same day by day action and a transformation maybe only you yourself can witness if you look and listen. But honestly, that glow and feeling of lightness you have when the sun is finally out is highly visible and saying it all!

To celebrate the first sprouts of spring of course I jumped in the kitchen, with all that sudden energy and good vibrations to do some magic. A pretty hippie flower smoothie bursting with sun energy, plant power & live bacteria! Kapow! If nothing else had given you that effect by now, the smoothie will do the trick!
Last summers harvested sun ripened berries, sprouts, seeds, homemade almond milk & probiotic cashew yogurt / Cashewgurt!  Smoothie on a whole new level!

Cashewgurt & bacteria

A quick chat about fermented foods.
Important all year long, for everyone – but maybe even more so in the transition phases between the seasons when you are in the need of a little support for your nervous,- immune & digestive system.
Memorize this: every single cell in your body is affected by the gut! Fermented foods are key to support the gut! 
They cover it all and thats why it is so potent and incredibly good for you.
Jam-packed with natural antibiotics, alkalizing compounds it improves immune function and digestion, regulates blood sugar levels, skin conditions and so much more goodness! 
In the need of a mood lifting, supporting, strengthening and calming tool? Load yourself up with millions of good bacteria ( beneficial bacteria) in any form of fermented food.
My staples are kombucha, plant based yogurt, sauerkraut, miso, tempeh, pickles, nut cheeses… there is a lot and to include it to your diet through these various forms is an amazing health boost and so valuable! The larger the variety the better the outcome for your overall health!
I have experienced with a lot of different nuts/seeds over the years and the cashewgurt has never been outperformed. Its decadent richness and creamy texture just won me over. 
The yogurt is enhanced with probiotics and gets better batch by batch as you keep adding a starter culture packed with bacteria from the yogurt before. 
I like it most for breakfast, in a bowl topped with homemade raw granola ( recipe soon on the blog) and fruits or as a base for probiotic ice cream or like todays recipe added to smoothies. Which you could also expand as a breakfast bowl topped with yummy crunchy things or as a berry yogurt ice cream. Just some ideas where you could go with this plant powered cashew baby! 
Yup, I know, plants are cool! 

makes 1 glas

1 ripe banana
1 cup frozen blueberries
1/2 cup cashew yogurt ( recipe below)
1 cup almond milk ( or any plant based milk )
1 handful mung bean sprouts
1 tbsp hemp seeds
1 tbsp sauerkraut 
1 medjool date, pitted
a few sprigs lemon balm 
a pinch of vanilla

Add everything to a high powered blender for a few minutes until combined and creamy.
Top it with some fresh blueberries, lemon balm and yogurt. Enjoy immediately! 

makes about 3 cups
Important note: Use only wooden spoons and clean hands while working with probiotic foods

3 cups cashews
3 cups water
1 tsp apple cider vinegar
1 tbsp probiotic powder
1 cup filtered water
1 lemon, juiced
2 tbsp rice syrup ( any liquid sweetener or stevia works fine)
1 tsp vanilla
a pinch of salt 

Soak the cashews over night in water and the vinegar. 
Rinse in the morning. Add the cashews to a high powered blender, add 1 cup of water and slowly start to blend and add more water if the mixture is too thick, but be careful that it does not get to runny as it will solidify a bit while fermenting. Add the probiotic powder.
Put the yogurt into a bowl and cover with a damp towel at a warm place ( the top of a working dehydrator for example) for 3 days. Stir with a wooden spoon once a day.
When it tastes a bit sour like yogurt should you will know when its done, retain some basic mixture in the fridge for future yogurt as a starter culture – blend the rest with vanilla, sweetener, salt and the juice of one lemon. Store in a glas jar in the fridge. Lasts a few days. Enjoy!

I hope you enjoy the first signs of spring – sun, sprouts, flowers, fruits – and the ones inside, whichever they might be. New found energy beams that end in dance parties in the kitchen, stripping off dark and heavy layers of thoughts and worries, try out something new! …ehem making plant based yogurt is really the bomb to welcome spring & get you excited! 

Love & happy cells,