Life is pretty rockin’ awesome. 
It gives you awe-inspiring nature, vibrant food & hugs! 
No need to say more. EXCEPT for this: There is chocolate.
Chocolate & hugs, both really worth living for.  
And a way to thrive!
That’s why I have them everyday. Self medicating with cocoa. It makes me happy & keeps me sane. Why not fill your life and body with more love & chocolate?

For the last couple of weeks I am thinking about lifes purpose and how to truly be instead of just do.
To act out two things: living by your intuition and notion of freedom.
I am moving into my own space in late summer, a longing I held for so long and could not wait for it to come true. To own my own kitchen, plant things, buy stuff, arranging… 
I lived with other people my whole live so I am more than ready. No compromises and limits. More freedom and creativity flowing.
But funny how life is, now that it is going to happen I do not envision myself settling there ( yet). 
And that is ok. 
It is a constant changing world. And your own little cosmos is ever so spinning and changing.
Nowadays I am much more aware of it and know how to adjust and accept. Maybe thats life’s way of showing me that there is so much more to own and explore. Until now the idea of owning pretty stuff & a kitchen was very appealing and attractive to me. 
And then I realised and listened deep within to a voice that has been there forever.
”Maybe that is not all there is to own and dream of. Do not limit yourself and your dreams.” 
I want to see the world, learn all about it, expand my open heart, I want to own memories & stories!
Living by myself is just a little step along the way, preparing myself for further adventures and things to come. A short journey that lets me grow and unfold to be ready for the next steps. And this longing is starting to fill up my whole body, dreams and thoughts. Longing for freedom, magic, horizons, unknown places, awe-inspiring nature. 
Embarking on a journey so much bigger and freed than I ever dared to imagine. 
Now I have found the purpose of my little cosmos and can work towards achieving it. 
Turning the little spark of a dream to reality.
Evolving, exploring new continents, myself, learn new skills and languages, connecting with nature and rythyms. 
But first I will enjoy my time alone at the new place, figuring things out, how this blog can go further and grow too. Quiet reflection to tune in with intuition and dreams!
Just the idea of an open road ahead is magic and liberating in itself.
All is possible.
And just like it is totally ok to have chocolate everyday, it is too, to think of yourself worthy enough to travel and just BE!

I can’t wait to use my own kitchen for food projects such as fermenting, soaking, sprouting… a freezer full of raw chocolate, cashew cakes & vegan ice creams.
Speaking of chocolate, this project of mine is approved for living with other people as it is not at all space taking neither involves leaving a huge mess in the kitchen. The only problem could be that it will be gone much quicker since it is really tempting for all chocolate lovers out there. Maybe make a double batch or just be really kind and willing to share. But it also a wonderful treat to have for yourself. Chocolate is incontestably & a celebration of life!
It can put us in reflection of our highest selves.
So let’s have some & more!
In the form of chocolate hazelnut butter. Because life is THAT awesome.

The no-Nutella chocolate hazelnut butter is a dream in itself. Giving up sugar, dairy and all processed stuff years ago, it was hard at first to find an alternative or to even think about the possibility of creating one yourself. Making my own chocolate, to me is a magical amazing thing to do. Stirring and adding powders has become a ritual, I alchemize elements. It is first a spark, born from a longing, turned into a dream, an idea coming to life and then at last, an edible thing to touch, smell and eat. Using only the purest and whole ingredients it will become more than a treat. 
Raw cocoa is an ancient mysterious south american medicine, mayans used it for rituals and it literally means ‘food for the gods’. Being a miracle and antioxidant superfood, cocoa promotes a positive state of mind and mood by increasing serotonin. And explaining its popularity amongst us all – chocolate alone actually promotes the brain chemistry of being in love. So it is obviously sexy and aphrodisiac by its smell, taste, look and effects! 
I added raw chocolate to a homemade hazelnut butter to create a new version of a chocolate spread that is actually good for you and tastes ridicolously good. No need for milk powders, low quality processed cacao and oil or empty high processed sugar.
This is the real stuff. Happiness in a jar! 
promotes the brain chemistry of being in love – See more at:
promotes the brain chemistry of being in love – See more at:

makes about 1 jar / 1 1/2 cups 
I made a rather thick and crunchy spread, you could always adjust the consistency by adding more oil or hazelnut butter. Spread it on bread. Also perfect as a topping on a raw brownie. Or eaten by the spoonful.

1 cup hazelnut butter (directions below or store bought)
1/4 cup raw cocoa powder
3 tbsp cacao butter ( or coconut oil)
3 tbsp maple syrup
1 tsp vanilla extract
a pinch of sea salt

Combine everything in your food processor, add the cocoa powder at last. Mix for 1-2 minutes until it becomes a rich butter, adjust with oil and syrup to your liking. Transfer the chocolate butter to a glas jar and store in the fridge. 

makes 1 cup

2 cups hazelnuts

Preheat the oven to 180c / 300 F and spred the nuts out on a baking sheet. Toast until fragrant and golden brown for 25 minutes. Let them cool before removing their skins. 
Transfer nuts to your food processorand blend on high for 2 minutes. Then stop to scrape down the sides with a spoon. Repeat process of blend-stop-scrape until a creamy oily paste is formed.
Store as a nut butter in a glas jar in the fridge or use as the base for the chocolate hazelnut butter.

Let life amaze you.
Hug a friend, share some chocolate, dream big!

The german recipe can be found on couch’n’candy alongside a recipe for raw brownies.
Das Rezept auf deutsch findet ihr bei couch’n’candy.



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