A whole lot of cacao action lately on the blog/in my life ( not telling the exact amount… my day usually starts with something like this and ends with a treat like pictured above)
I now call this year, ‘my official cacao-love-affair-year’. Falling deeply and utterly.
Mainly falling so hard because of its medicinal magical qualities – of course!
Me and other lovers have praised it’s health benefits, versatility and TASTE a bunch of times and I won’t go into that since this post will be a light and quick read. It is summer afterall and summer happens outside.
In the future you can find more recipes like this one, focusing on the food, food porn & some noteworthy kick-ass benefits for your health. And that’s it. Other musings, thoughts and tips will go under a different category…
But that’s another story, the story of finally pushing this blog to the next level. More clarity, focus & content! Another but, because this transformation will happen after summer. Makes sense? 
Back to the cacao. I am in love for following reasons ( had to limit myself due to the fact that this post was planned to be a quick read…)
1. You can eat dessert for breakfast! Medicinal dessert!
2. Turns you into a human buzzing with energy!
3. Cacao makes you happy! Literally. Seriously. Proof ( other than tasting/feeling it yourself while licking the bowl clean) are:
Phenylethylamine – responsible for pleasure and our mood. Pretty much the same stuff you feel when you are in love. It is also a stimulant and is able to
improve mental alertness
Serotonin and Dopamine – both stimulate good mood and feelings of pleasure
Anandomide – present in the brain as an endogenous substance, interacts with cannabinoid receptors
Magnesium – calms the nervous system

or as I like to call them – Dessert Medicine Moon Cookies
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makes 12

1 cup activated almonds
1 cup dates
4 tbsp virgin coconut oil
1/4 cup raw cacao powder
1/2 tsp vanilla bean powder/ extract
a pinch of salt

1/2 cup raw tahini (soaked cashews work just fine)
1/2 cup coconut butter
1 tsp Maca, optional
1 tsp Lucuma, optional
1 tsp Mucuna, optional
2 tbsp raw agave nectar ( maple syrup/rice syrup or the like work aswell)
1/2 tsp vanilla bean powder

Soak the almonds overnight. Strain and dry them with a linen towel. Turn them into flour in a food processor, then add dates, oil, cacao, vanilla and salt to it. 
Roll out the dough between two sheets of parchment paper. Cut out desired size/shape and place the cookies in the freezer while making the filling.

Combine tahini, coconut butter, nectar and the vanilla in your food processor. Pulse until a fudge-y cream is reached. 

Take the cookies out of the freezer, spread about 1 tbsp cream on one cookie, top with a second one, press down and roll the sandwich around so that they get a smooth clean frame. Store them in your refrigerator.
And E N J O Y! 

One suggestion along the way. It is a really nice treat to have a moment of moon gazing whilst new moon or full moon, with a cup of hot medicinal cacao or tea and a raweo cookie. Makes your heart, belly and lips smile. Guarenteed.
There will be a second full moon this month ( the blue moon on July 31), not happening again until 2018 so maybe it is an inpiration for you to do a little delicious moon ceremony?! 

° And, for all you german speaking peeps out there. 
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Lots of happy summer & cacao smeared finger vibes,