New season. New paradigm shifts. New space to evolve.
Important insights and signs come on a daily basis ever since I started to reflect and meditate consistently. And almost every time – after a therapeutic mind & soul searching conversation with myself or my sister/ best friend – the bottom line is to trust your intention and heart. It is guiding you in the right direction.
Trusting yourself from deeeeep deep within is what makes you feel whole.
Living with that intention makes life way easier let me tell you. But it needs attention and a will power. Digging through your soul, accepting failure, breaking comfortable habits.
A new season carries within little seasons and cycles to which you can adapt and let go to.
Early summer for me means a whole lot more energy and desire to express. Creative juices are flowing, breath is flowing. Insights may seem to come faster and are adressed quickly and easy rather than slowly facing them or not facing them at all.
I tend to be a person who pushes away unpleasent tasks depending on my own cycles within any given bigger cycle. But as everything does, it changes. Thank god it does! And I am ok with it all being in a constant change. Day to day, season to season, year to year! And the bottom line here again is to trust and just flow. Surrender to the situation and letting it teach you lessons. Take them all, the good the bad. Reflecting is a powerful tool and can give you strength and energy to face situations. My life has shifted SO much. Beginning on a cellular level.
Contemplate the sublime within you.
Did you ever caught yourself saying ‘I was acting strange, I have not been myself lately’ –
Yes, congratulations on realising the truth. If you are not acting like yourself you feel disconnected, making decisions you would not have done otherwise.
Take this energetic season to flow as who you truly are! Trust your inner wisdom y’all.

A recent insight out of a conversation with my sister, was to simplify meals. Creating everything around it & the food itself lighter. Yes to lightness in anything.
So we came up with a weekly plan to prepare certain things, prepare for cravings / little time/ little energy/ limited budget. Which is an important lesson for me, as I like to spent a lot all money for food. Fancy hippie type food as one would say. And it was a long process to face it. With our light plan I try to still be healthy and invest in my health through whole foods, but with a new awareness behind it & a budget that I need to hold on to. As I said, to break comfortable habits. Mine is searching for shelter and comfort in food a lot during hard times…

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