When a new season unfolds its glory and you can literally breathe in a different kind of air I hear myself saying ‘Now this is definitely my favourite season’. And it happens with every season if I am in the right place and enjoying the sh.. everything out of it. With just a few simple steps you can feel amazing, balanced and flowing with autumns vibes.
An easy and smooth transformation from summers extroverted energy towards a more introspective mindful time. It is a beautiful threshold… with beautiful little rituals you can add to your days. Turning them into comfortable sweet routines to cherish and enjoy.


Listen to your body telling you to slow down, get in tune with the new energy. Visit a yin yoga class. Meditate. Take naps or go to bed early when you feel like it. As it gets colder and the days shorter the body needs time to adapt to the change in temperature and air – socks, blanket, couch.

I like to start and end each day with scents that align with the season and my emotions. Think incense sticks, essential oils and air spray. Calming, warm, sweet scents like palo santo, sandalwood, lavender, nag champa and sage. It sets a tune and vibration, makes the house smell wonderful and makes it feel really cozy. It can turn into a little ritual – scent, candle, meditation.

Speaking of ritual, I love to take some time to brew, drink and taste my tea in the morning and evening as my form of meditation. Having a few rounds of organic loose tea is a very calming beneficial experience. Especially in autumn when the body wants warming liquids. Sitting down with tea is great alone in silence or meeting with people.
Sweet tea possesses holistically balancing and warming qualities – chamomile, liquorice, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, gynostemma, sage.

Take advantage of mother earths goodies for this season. Bright and Orange coloured, full of vitamines and antioxidants it really does make sense eating seasonal. Eating ripe food builds immunity during flu season, makes you balanced and healthy. Warm breakfasts, soups and spices really do the trick. Add sweet potato, squash, citrus to your palate. Celebrate autumn’s harvest!

This has been a game changer for me in the colder months. It started with lightly heated sesame oil on my feet before bed but soon turned into sacred 5 minutes of peace and relaxation. Massaging the body after a shower or bath, after a cold day before bed can bring warmth into your soul and bones. Plus your skin will thank you.
Sesame oil, shea butter or sea buckthorn oil are wonderful.