Inspired by the latest recipe nightcap, I am sharing another few essentials to support a good night.
Sleeping well affects our wellness state – Immunity, hormones, energy levels, rejuvenation, healing & mood are all greatly dependent on sleep. There are many wonderful remedies in nature and our homes we can turn to when our resting time is short and troubled. Hope this gives you guidance and help to drift off into a peaceful calm dreamland.
Nighty Night!


Create a little tea ritual before bed. Chamomile, Passionflower, Valerian, Lavender, Lemon balm are all delicious and useful assistants.
You could add potent powders such as schizandra, ashwagandha, turmeric and reishi for an extra support.

Move. Breathe. Repeat. Incorporate some slowness into your day. Taking deep breaths, especially long exhales are very grounding and calm the nervous system almost immediately. Meditation before bed helps me a lot but also the amount of exercise/ movement over the day is important. A walk outside surrounded by trees with a few conscious breaths and I won’t have problems of winding down easily at night.
Yoga can be very restorative and calming. Try legs up the wall pose & alternate nostril breathing which helps clear out blocked energy channels in the body. I also started to meditate with clear quartz which helps to clear out space of negative energies.

Get in tune with your bodies needs and wisdom. Try to seek out the roots of disturbed sleep. Is something out of balance? Are you not aligned with who you are? Sometimes it can be a simple change of lifestyle choices. Food, schedules, appointments, relationships…
Worry, overanalyzing, control, regretting – are all thoughts which end up in anxiety and an agitated mind. Give your body the space and time it needs to rest and repair, whatever that may look like for you. A bath and a good book, going to a yoga class, getting a nice massage, taking a walk, sitting on the balcony, baking. Something that you may have neglected and which could be the key to find wellness and a calm happy mind again.
A very helpful tool for me is to write down five essential things that I need to be balanced in life. When hard times come and I find myself up at 4 am sleepless and frustrated I reflect on the past weeks, comparing it to the essential list ( or start with this post as a guide) . Almost everytime I can see things more clearly and I sense what was missing and needs more attention, to make me feel grounded again.

Everything that is heavy on your digestive tract isn’t good for a restful night. Period! An early light dinner is beneficial to slow down, add probiotic and enzyme rich foods to support digestion.
Raw nut milk blended and gently wamred with a tea from above and some ashwagandha is a powerful nightcap tonic.
Magnesium relaxes the brain, muscles and nervous system – get a good dose at your dinner bowl with the appearance of brown rice, beans, avocado, dark leafy greens and pumpkin seeds.
Detoxing – may it be a juice cleanse, days of kitchari, or just cutting out sugar, coffeine, nicotine, alcohol and gluten – will encourage a balanced sleep cycle.