With this series I am sharing my absolute admiration and honor of beautiful empowering women whom I feel deeply inspired by. Each is unique but they all share one important quality – living, doing, breathing what they love with authenticity.
I am impressed by their courage, passion and success.
Connecting to women & supporting each other is a theme close to my heart and through this space I will share their beauty and creativity with all of you. Get mesmerized, empowered and inspired!
Time for girl crushes & intriguing details!


From my heart to another… meet the lovely and widely talented Sophie of wholeheartedeats.
Sophie and I started around the same time with our first steps into blogging and we also connected around that time, sharing our thoughts & I quickly became fond of her. I bet you will too IF you don’t know her wonderful recipes and photography already. She has a mesmerizing taste, eye for subtle beauty & a pleasant story writing. While reading her blog, I always imagine her standing in the kitchen gracefully, on a quiet sunday in pale canadian light, huge dark green trees outside with an enchanted mist, a Bob Dylan song in the background and a smell of homemade bread. My imagination and inspiration takes me somewhere when I am reading or cooking one of her recipes ( obviously) but it’s exactly why I admire her so much. A kind and whole hearted talented lady. Mouthwatering recipes with so much depth and creativity. I mean just read the following:
Salted Double Chocolate Vegan Ice Cream
Baja Black Bean Burger with Creamy Lime Coleslaw
Yes, I know!
This Interview is making my heart smile. Read about her connection to nature, passion, soulfood, ease & coziness. I hope some of that reaches your heart too, gives you some inspiration and lets you fall in love with Sophie.
Dearest Sophie thank you!
And you guys stay tuned for another collaboration from the two of us which is in the making… but first this beautiful interview.



YOU ARE…Sophie MacKenzie

PATH OF SERVICE…The blog Wholehearted Eats

YOUR MISSION…To inspire others to nourish and love themselves through eating and cooking plant based, whole foods.

WHAT LED YOU TO HERE…I’ve always had a passion for preparing food and feeding those around me. This desire to nurture was combined with the fact that so many people I knew, had no idea how to prepare meals from scratch, and I wanted to share what my knowledge.

A TYPICAL DAY…A typical day for me right now looks nothing like a typical day two months ago, which looks nothing like a typical day eight months ago. But right now my days involve getting up early, doing some yoga while listening to some relaxing tunes, making breakfast, then catching the subway and heading to work at my internship. After work, I hit the market to grab fresh veggies, then I make a lovely dinner, read a bit, and have some great chats with my roomies.

WHAT DOES BEING A WOMAN MEAN TO YOU? Being a woman means being strong, powerful, and independent. For me, it also means sharing a deep connection with mother nature.

EXPRESSION OF CONSCIOUSNESS & SUSTAINABILITY? By eating locally, seasonally, and as low on the food chain as I can.

WHAT ARE YOU GRATEFUL FOR? The pacific ocean and ancient trees that surround me on Vancouver Island. The Earth that nurtures me, and my family who love me.

IDEA OF HAPPINESS? I am most happy at my parents home, surrounded by the forrest and my loved ones. These is a great meal cooking on the stove top, and the sounds of laughter.

PHILOSOPHY ON FOOD & WELLNESS? Eat whole foods when ever possible. Lots of fresh fruits and veggies, whole grains, and unrefined sugars. And most importantly, learn to listen to your body!

HOW DO YOU CONNECT NATURALISM & THE MODERN WORLD? I love to spend time outside by myself. I grew up in a rural area, so I’ve learned that the best way to enjoy nature is to be with it one on one. Even if you’re in an urban area and all you have is a flower growing on the sidewalk, you should take the time to acknowledge it for its beauty and wonder.

WHO/WHAT INSPIRES YOU? Everyone who is living true to themselves and leading an honest and authentic life inspires me. People that are truly at ease with who they are and project an outward feeling of contentment and love.



Personal growth? Learning to be happy with me

Lesson learned? That it’s best to be yourself

Adivce given? Don’t let anyone break your spirit

Advice for women? You’re in charge of you.

Advice for success? Never go against your gut.

Advice for your younger self? Its okay to be yourself

Relationship Advice? Being best friends is key

Thing you always carry in your bag? A toothbrush!



Daytime? My day always include exercise, even if its just taking the stairs or walking instead of bussing. Small choice make a difference.

Nighttime? I always reflect back on the day and let go of any hard feelings of anxieties I had about the what happened earlier that day.

Beauty? When I was little my grandmother used to take me into the garden every May 1st to wash my face in the morning due. She did this with her mother, and her mother did this with here mother before her, and so on. My grandmother claimed it made you beautiful for the whole year, and it’s something I’ve done annually no mater where I’ve lived!

Medicinal? I use a lot of essential oils as medicine. Grapefruit to help me if I’m feeling sluggish, lavender to help me sleep, and peppermint for headaches.


…for your soul? Being surrounded by the natural beauty of the west coast! The mountains, the sea, and the forests, those are what feed my soul.

…for your heart? The people I love most

…for the mind? Constantly learning and never being satisfied with the not knowing the answers.

…for your body? Lots of nutritious plant based foods made with love.

…for your spirit? Constantly letting myself be overwhelmed by the beauty in everything.



Breakfast? I’m a carb fiend! I love almond butter toast with banana and honey, or avo toast with chili and lemon.

Lunch? Lentil soup of any variety is my favourite lunch time meal. Hands down.

Dinner? My partner and I make these amazing bowls of fresh and steamed veggies, sometimes over rice or quinoa. Sometimes we have tempeh or tofu, and it’s always topped with an amazing almond butter or tahini sauce. That’s the best.

Snack? I adore fresh fruits and veggies, especially something crunchy like an apple or a carrot.

Recipe? My mums homemade cumin bread!

Treat? Dates! Especially when you stuff them with nuts and chocolate! Ammmazing!

Drink? Straight up water, although I do like the bubbly version from time to time.

Restaurant? Be Love in Victoria, B.C is my favourite! They have the best homemade chai and raw desserts around.

Skills? Being open to love and life and giving

Kitchen appliance? My Japanese knife!

Book? 100 Years of Solitude

Music? I’m a sucker for ’60’s folk. What can I say, I’m a hippie.

Movie? The Goonies

Quote? ”the power of imagination makes us infinite“ John Muir

Artist? Frida Kahlo

Place? My parents home, curled up by the wood stove.

Element? Air

Country? Which ever one I’m currently visiting!

Way to move? Dance! All day everyday, especially in the kitchen!

Herb? Cilantro

Plant? Earth! But if that doesn’t count, then I’d say Saturn! It was always the most spectacular and humbling to see through my childhood telescope.

Beauty Product? Natural Mascara.

Clothing? Anything linen



Meet Sophie
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