With this series I am sharing my absolute admiration and honor of beautiful empowering women whom I feel deeply inspired by.
Each is unique but they all share one important quality – living what they love with authenticity.
I am impressed by their courage, passion and success.
Connecting to women & supporting each other is a theme close to my heart and through this space I will share their beauty and creativity with all of you. Get mesmerized, empowered and inspired.

Time for girl crushes & intriguing details!


It is with great joy and excitement to write about this weeks woman crush – the beautiful soul, Maria Christina Gabriel.
For me she embodies the content, wise and spiritual woman. She is a shaman, reiki teacher and spiritual mentor.
Seriously, just scroll down a little bit, you can literally see her pure & bright shining soul through your screen, don’t you?
The moment I developed that ”crush”, was when I read an Interview over on femtastics. My mind and heart felt like during a reeeeaalllyyy good conversation in which everything the other person says makes sense, you can relate 100% and it just makes click, in a spiritual & energetic / or magic way  ( if you are down, calling it like that…)
I surely am and so I felt that and immediately contacted her.
And yes I read both interviews several times because they make me feel oh-so-good and teach me something.
Isn’t that just the core of being inspired?
The type of inspiration that lets you see something of yourself in the other one!

”Lust for life is my fuel!”

Her work & wisdom are woven together in Retreat Berlin. A place for you to come and be guided & healed in sessions.
Through her work she wants to help us find & live our true destiny! Yes to that!
When not in Berlin, you can catch her at workshops, on her sweet youtube channel OR get your very own copy of her latest E-Book ”Anleitung zur Selbstliebe”.
I could go on and on, but now I give you the chance to let you be guided by her words. A deep interview about meanings, joy, rituals & connection to your inner world.
Thank you dear Maria Christina!



Maria Christina Gabriel, Creator of Happiness and Founder of Retreat Berlin.

I´m the owner of Retreat Berlin, a holistic institute that offers Reiki, Shamanic Sessions and Energy Healings. I conduct one-on-one sessions with my clients in Berlin andvia Skype globally. I also give workshops and spiritual classes.

I want to reconnect women and men with their joy, bring their attention back into their own hearts and guide them to truly feel again.

Travelling the world, learning from various indigenious healers and teachers but most of all it is about the journey of finding balance and joy in my life by being deeply connected with my own heart.

There’s really no typical day in my life. Every day is unique and I celebrate the spontanousness and freedom of it, too.

It´s my own superpower, my connection to Mother Earth and Inner Wisdom. A couple of years ago I discovered how to heal my womenhood by accepting and working with personal topics such as shame, sexuality, self love and self worth. It’s an ongoing journey and opens new paths of understanding and loving myself. Plus: it made me grasp how to receive love in full with an open heart.

I’m deeply grateful for my life, family and friends. I’m thankful to have a healthy body I can live in so well and for every day that is given to me.

Laughing! Life is too short to think too much or be doubtful. Enjoy the ride, find your flow and be happy and grateful for what is given to you.

I´m still in the process of finding what type of nutrition really works for me and to heal old patterns and misunderstandings between my head, heart and body. The lighter and more raw-vegan based my nutrition is, the better I feel!

I connect to nature and the modern world by questioning my actions and checking if it´s truly aligned with what I feel. For example: I´m in the process of getting rid of all beauty products as well as house cleaning supply, which are not natural or are tested on animals. Instead I choose vegan products and clean with apple vinegar, which works just fine! It´s a pure and honest desire from my body, soul and mind to shift my choices from what I´m used to to try a new way. It took a while to get here and now I´m enjoying the process a lot!

I find inspiration in the small things. A delicious meal or a beauitful table setting can be an inspiration. I preceive the world with open eyes and try to be aware of the small things that I encounter in my everyday life. Kids and animals are truly inspiring, too. A good, long walk in nature feels like I´m a new born person, full of wisdom and energy.





Lesson learned?
If you still talk about it, you still care!

Adivce given?
Learn to forgive yourself and others. Life is too short to be sorry.

Advice for women?
Don´t be afraid to find and live your potential and power. We’re sacred and holy beings.

Advice for success?
Be brave enough to follow what your heart desires.

Advice for your younger self?
There´s no need to question yourself, my love. You’re a miracle and are loved just the way you are.

Quality in a woman?
There are so many qualities to adore in women! I love our female instinct, our inner knowledge, vulnerability and sensitivity. The fact that we can grow new life in ourselves and give birth to new human beings to this world. Women are badass! I adore the power of our wombs, complementing the yin and yang energy at one. Or how we are able to sync our menstrual cycle when we are in a group of other women. The better a women understands these qualities, the better she can use it.

Relationship Advice?
Your partner is not here to fulfill and complete you. It´s your very own task to love yourself fully and completly.

Thing you always carry in your bag?
A crystal, my iPhone, lip balm, a bottle of water and a Aura Soma pomander. Right now I´m using the white one which is fantastic!



I love listening to classic music or mantras such as Gobinday Mukunday before going to bed. It deeply calms me and gives me time to get ready to say goodbye to the day and shift into a sleepy mode.

The moments when I feel most connected to my body are when I feel really beautiful. Diving deep into my spiritual practice makes me feel connected, more alive and therefore more beautiful, too. This prayer is part of my collection that I wrote. I use it in my morning rituals to set the energy of the day:

Dear Holy Spirits, Mother Mary, Pachamama,

thank you for sending me your light and blessings
for this day.
I know my body is waiting patiently for me
to live in it fully, accepting it, loving it and flowing with it
This wonderful and wise temple of mine.
Thank you for guiding me today
to be my own true self.
To speak my truth
with an open heart
and to share my love and unlimited potential.
Help me to see love instead of fear
and make me feel at ease about the choices
I will take today.
Soften my heart
Guide me to be deeply rooted in my body
This precious gift I received for this lifetime
I choose to see myself clearly
with the eyes of love.
Free from my insequirites
I am at one.
My love is limitless.
This is who I am.
That´s why I am here.

For You created me to be
Teach me how to live
in happiness, love and peace.
Thank you for your presence in my life.




for your soul?
Treating myself with a great healing session! Plus: Using my morning practice to yield more clarity and ease to my life.

for your heart?
A heart meditation for self-acceptance and feeling compassion opens me to be more respectful towards myself. Plus: forgiving myself and others instead of carrying a grudge frees my heart from limitations. This kind of freedom is such a blessing and makes me aware of all the love around me.

for the mind?
Trekking in nature, preferably in the mountains. It makes me gain new perspectives about life. Generally I love climbing on things and being able to look down and see the big picture of everything that´s there to be discovered. Even though I have a bit of vertigo, my curiosity wins most of the time.

for your body?
A really good massage and breathing session are magical tools for me. I´m still learning to work with my breath even deeper and I feel how it´s giving me expansion on all levels. A good session of breathing opens more space and lets me flow through contractions and tightness in my body and my whole system.

for your spirit?
When I realize that what annoys me in others or the outer world is actually very present in my own behavior, I can feel how a shift happens. Observing this with an attentive mode I know that I´m truly present with my spirit and soul in my body. Moments like these give me goosebumps!



Green juice with lots of spinach, spirulina and macca. Love as well
The Juicery in Berlin, they always serve ready-made juices for you and even instruct you how to indulge your cup of wheatgrass at best. I love when you can feel a deeper philosophy and how much people really care about the products they are selling.

I listen to pretty much everything from Mantras to Dolphins sounds to James Blake but currently, I´m still madly in love with my Spotify wedding playlist .

Simple and easy: Attract the life you want.

I adore the beautiful paintings and works by Tal Regev and Christine Schmid.

My favorite place is always the one that I´ll travel to next. I strongly believe in being curious and learning new insights.


Way to move?

I love them all!


Rose quartz

Here you can find my upcoming workshops as well as all information about the one-on-one sessions I offer.



Meet Maria Christina
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