With this series I am sharing my absolute admiration and honor of beautiful empowering women whom I feel deeply inspired by.
Each is unique but they all share one important quality – living what they love with authenticity.
I am impressed by their courage, passion and success.
Connecting to women & supporting each other is a theme close to my heart and through this space I will share their beauty and creativity with all of you. Get mesmerized, empowered and inspired.

Time for girl crushes & intriguing details!


When it comes to describing a goddess woman who radiates love, compassion and clarity – I will see Shiva Rose. The founder/alchemist behind The Local Rose & natural rose cosmetics. But it is everything beyond that, why I draw so much inspiration from her. The way she cares for our environment, her beauty & deep compassion for the earth are all reflected in her work and products. I like the fact that we can have many teachers in life, some leave, some will appear on your path and stay. They keep inspiring you if that path is yours to walk on further. It’s the moment when you find each other. Multiple equal values.

The Local Rose was born out of a desire to celebrate a holistic, healthy, authentic life style without sacrificing taste and glamour.

Reading Shivas words & seeing a piece of her world is empowering and sparks something in my heart. I feel the light and love she sends out. She fills her life with the practice of mindfulness, gratitude and prosperity with what I honor the most: authenticity! From her beautiful natural product line, to her overall celebration of a holistic lifestyle. I have followed her wanderings for a few years and she keeps on inspiring me and everyone else. On her site she holds a place for folks who create items for a holistic lifestyle.
And please just all take a look at her beautiful family and blessed surroundings. As announced, I love to share everything and everyone that make me feel good. And to connect to like minded souls makes it all feel extra magic. Thank you dear Shiva. For being you – with so much grace and authenticity.
Get to know her in this interview + make sure to get mesmerized by one of her videos.


YOU ARE…  A mother, an alchemist, a guardian of our planet

PATH OF SERVICE… A blog and shop on all things good for us and our planet, a line of non-toxic beauty products, meditations for healing our mama earth.

YOUR MISSION… To bring nourishing beauty to women. To walk in beauty as the Navajo Prayer states. To educate beings on how we need to take control of our food and clean our planet before it’s too late.

WHAT LED YOU TO HERE…I had serious health issues and was able to cure myself through an organic diet and connecting to the earth.

A TYPICAL DAY… Waking up to the sound of birds singing and sunlight drifting in. Drinking meditative Living Tea then taking acre of my animals and daughters. After they are set off to school I will practice Kundalini Yoga and then get to work on my beauty products and blog posts.

WHAT DOES BEING A WOMAN MEAN TO YOU? It means holding the strength and sacredness of all that is creation and love.

EXPRESSION OF CONSCIOUSNESS & SUSTAINABILITY? To compost, ban plastic items in my house, eat 100% organic, boycott all products made by monsanto and other companies that exploit us for profit.

WHAT ARE YOU GRATEFUL FOR? I am grateful for my health, my daughters, the community of like minded souls around me. I am grateful for the healing beauty of the mountains, the seas, the forests, purity of the deserts and the earth beneath my feet and father sky that shelters me . . . us.

IDEA OF HAPPINESS? Swimming in the Yuba river naked with friends, or Kauai oceans with my daughters.

PHILOSOPHY ON FOOD & WELLNESS? Unless we eat food grown by organic farmers we will be eating food that is poison or tainted by posion. Eating oraganically helped me get to a place of vibrancy and health. We are what we eat!

HOW DO YOU CONNECT NATURALISM & THE MODERN WORLD? We are in the Aquarian Age and it’s all about communication and creating new paradigms. It’s an exciting time however the high tech conveniences can also wreak havoc on our sytems. I find I need to take time outs and go to the wilderness to reset myself. To take a few days and unplug and gather strength from mama earth.

WHO/WHAT INSPIRES YOU? Vandana Shiva who is fighting the GMO companies onspires me. Neil Young with his anti- Monsanto tour inspires me. The wind and trees inspire me. Roses, music, oak trees, rainfall, waterfalls, animals, books, art, dance, clean water, Sequoias, Kundalini yoga, women, poetry, compassion, so much . . .


MOST IMPORTANT… Connection to Great Spirit, my daughters, my garden, health, to be love.

Personal growth? Learning to be my own gaurdian.

Lesson learned? To listen carefully and not to rush major decisions.

Adivce given? To live in love not fear. To be a tiger rather than a mouse.

Advice for women? Cultivate your intuition. Beauty starts from the inside.

Advice for success? Follow your heart, work hard.

Advice for your younger self? Trust and look at the big picture.

Quality in a woman? Being authentic is sexy

Relationship Advice? Respect and listen

Thing you always carry in your bag? My Radiant Rose water, crystals.



Daytime? Living tea Kundalini Yoga

Nighttime? Chanting, gratitude list

Beauty? My products or coconut oil

Medicinal? Herbs, healthy food



…for your soul? Nature

…for your heart? Laughter

…for the mind? Meditation

…for your body? Hiking

…for your spirit? Mantras



Breakfast? Soaked oats or nuts

Lunch? Salads or fruit

Dinner? Quinoa kale beans

Snack? Soaked nuts, juices

Recipe? Many on my site

Treat? Raw cacao

Drink? Teas

Restaurant? Cafe Gratitude

Skills? Alchemy, writing

Kitchen appliance? Blender (vitamix)

Book? Women Who Run With Wolves

Music? Mantras, Led Zeplin, Classical, so many!

Movie? All the classics

Quote? Don’t regret things you’ve done, regret things you havent done.

Artist? Frida Kahlo

Place? Kauai, Big Sur, Orcas Island, Tuscany

Element? Air, Water

Country? The World

Way to move? Fly

Herb? Nettle

Plant? Rose

Beauty Product? Shiva Rose

Clothing? Naked or natural silks hand dyed with vegtables


Meet Shiva
here & here