With this series I am sharing my absolute admiration and honor of beautiful empowering women whom I feel deeply inspired by.
Each is unique but they all share one important quality – living what they love with authenticity.
I am impressed by their courage, passion and success.
Connecting to women & supporting each other is a theme close to my heart and through this space I will share their beauty and creativity with all of you. Get mesmerized, empowered and inspired.

Time for girl crushes & intriguing details!


Girl crush galore with the next inspirational lady in this series Brett Larkin. I remember stumbling upon one of her videos (an Immune Boosting Yoga Flow) years ago and it propably is my most replayed yoga video. Something about her slow fluid flow and body language worked magic on me and it still does. I am excited to share her words and work with you!
The fact that she shares over 1 hour flows on youtube is just amazing and I am so grateful for that.

The privilege of this practice is that it gives us the ability to shift how we feel.

There are new yoga classes, meditation videos, Podcasts and more every week. She reaches people with such grace and a non-preachy clear voice. It is her authenticity of really living what she is sharing and the ever evolving videos like this one. Brilliant!
Brett thank you for joining and being a constant inspiration! I hope our paths cross one day!
Read all about her approach on balance, idea of happiness!, lessons learned and so much more musings and good stuff in the interview!



YOU ARE…a yoga teacher, healer, nerd, eternal student

PATH OF SERVICE…I create free yoga and meditation videos on Youtube. I love teaching. And making videos!

YOUR MISSION…My mission is to bring yoga (both the physical asana and the philosophy) into our daily lives. I hate to think of yoga as something that just happens for 60-minutes within the walls of a studio. On Youtube, I strive to enable people to have both a home practice and a personalized practice. My courses and products are designed to get us hacking yoga and stretching into every moment of our day. Through my writing and podcasts, I want to show that the wisdom of yoga is to show up as our best selves in our work, relationships and daily life.

WHAT LED YOU TO HERE…I’m addicted to yoga. No, really. I’m not a very sane (or nice) person without it.

A TYPICAL DAY…Wake up. Think about 5 things I’m grateful for while still in bed. Drink lemon water. Exercise (yoga, dance or run). Film or either work at my computer until 2pm. Take a walk or yoga/meditation break. Eat my homemade Acai bowl. More work at the computer. Shopping for healthy food. Cooking. Spending time with my husband. Video editing or reading. Candle time. Bed.     

WHAT DOES BEING A WOMAN MEAN TO YOU? For me, being a woman means being a beacon of light to my family and community. Bringing in grace, beauty and compassion, even in difficult situations. It is being grounded, firm, strong, yet enveloping everyone and everything in a cloak of deep caring.

EXPRESSION OF CONSCIOUSNESS & SUSTAINABILITY? Meditation. Yoga. Eating consciously. Observing my thoughts and thought patterns in order to evolve my thinking.

WHAT ARE YOU GRATEFUL FOR? Everything. My parents. My husband. My body and its ability to practice yoga. My friends. I could go on listing things forever.


PHILOSOPHY ON FOOD & WELLNESS? Everything in moderation. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to anything.

HOW DO YOU CONNECT NATURALISM & THE MODERN WORLD? Hiking, walking and being outside. I love walking and thinking (or fantasizing). Especially, if I get to drink tea or chai at the same time.

WHO/WHAT INSPIRES YOU? People who are incredibly hard working and make their dreams a reality through sheer will power inspire me. As do many of my own yoga teachers I respect and love.

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 23.40.22


Personal growth? Creating and selling my first yoga prop kit + digital course on how to always be stretching was a huge growth moment for me. I had to spend a ton of money upfront on wholesale props and had no idea what I doing or how to ship products. Selling out in that program’s first run was a huge milestone for me. I felt so incredibly proud of myself and thrilled to be shipping my students the kit of products I use and love in my daily life.

Lesson learned? Ignore your fears. Just try to tune out that soundtrack in your brain. It’s boring.

Advice given? Be consistent. Show up. Do the work (regardless of whether or not you feel like it).

Advice for women? Be more ballsy! Ask for what you want.

Advice for success? Do something you love so much you’d do it regardless of whether or not you were paid for it.

Advice for your younger self? Everything will work out OK. Trust yourself. Relax. Enjoy.

Quality in a woman? Her energy. Is she grounded? Secure in who she is? Radiating out? Or is she shut down?

Relationship Advice? When you meet Mr. Right it will be blindingly amazing and obvious. Just trust that it will happen and learn from all the other amazing people you meet along the way.

Thing you always carry in your bag? Chapstick! No one can have fun or feel beautiful with dry lips 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 23.39.15


Daytime? Exercise, lemon water, yoga, creating something (video, podcast, newsletter, yoga sequence)

Nighttime? Lights out and reading by candle light only before bed.

Beauty? Homemade facial toner with rosewater. I use it always after I wash my face or shower.

Medicinal? Women’s Probiotic. And YogaBody supplements.

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 23.39.56


…for your soul? Writing

…for your heart? Meditating

…for the mind? Reading

…for your body? Dancing

…for your spirit? Yoga

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 23.43.38


Breakfast? Lemon water or alma to drink. Chia seed, spinach egg scramble to eat.

Lunch? Green smoothie or acai bowl

Dinner? Salmon and veggies

Snack? Banana

Recipe? Vegan Trailmix Cookies

Treat? Yoghurt with chocolate chips

Drink? Tea

Restaurant? I actually hate eating out LOL. I avoid doing so as much as possible.

Skills? Writing!

Kitchen appliance? Vitamix — 1000%

Book? Eastern Body. Western Mind.

Music? Right now I love alt-J, but it’s changing all the time

Movie? Dirty Dancing – of course! I love all dance movies.

Quote? “Life is a marathon, not a sprint”

Artist? My friend, fellow-teacher and book designer, Erica Jago

Place? Florence, Italy (come on my art history + yoga retreat there in June 2016)

Element? Air, because I love the breath and think it’s the key to our yoga practice

Country? Italy

Way to move? Slowly

Herb? Mint

Plant? Sage

Beauty Product? My homemade rosewater facial toner

Clothing? Yoga pants. The comfortable kind. Obviously! 🙂