Waffle, waffle, waffles! HOW on earth could I have lived without a good waffle iron before? Basically I mean survived? I’ve eaten my fair share of these and my mind is jumping up and down like a little kid  feeling giddy about future waffle creations. I love the endless possibility of creativity and flavours and the waffle iron is the threshold to it. I guess a few more waffle recipe are going to appear here soon. You wouldn’t mind, would you?

This morning I stared into an empty fridge and a rather boring pantry. It was obvious that I have not been grocery shopping. With a busy week schedule and spending a lot of time outside because it’s summer, the grocery shopping was always quick, calculated for 1 meal or just seasonal fruits. Some area of my life is full and alive and flowing, the other part: creating recipes, photography, cooking, having a filled fridge is blank. I am totally ok with it, as it gives me more freedom and energy and I know that life is just a weighing of components. This morning I felt my creativity kick in and managed to whip up a fantastic waffle recipe from scratch. And it wasn’t even the weekend. Sometimes there needs to be a blank space in order to realise and grow.

With these words I leave you to the recipe and pictures because I have a date with my waffles!



makes 2

1/2 cup spelt flour / 120 g Dinkelmehl
3 tbsp chickpea flour / 3 EL Kichererbsenmehl
3/4 cup oat milk / 150 ml Hafermilch
1 tsp baking powder / 1 TL Backpulver
1/2 tsp vanilla powder / 1/2 TL Vanille, gemahlen
1 tbsp chia seeds/ 1 EL Chia-Samen
1 egg / 1 Ei (optional)
pinch of salt / Eine Prise Salz
1 tbsp coconut oil / 1 EL Kokosöl
3 tbsp maple syrup or another sweetener / 3 EL Ahornsirup

Toppings: blueberries, apricots, hemp seeds, edible flowers, chocolate sauce
/ Heidelbeeren, Aprikosen, Hanfsamen, Essbare Blüten, Schoko-Sauce

If using the egg, whisk it in a small bowl and set aside. Mix together the flour, baking powder, vanilla and salt in a bowl. In another bowl, mix the milk with the egg, chia seeds, coconut oil and maple syrup and mix well. Combine the two bowls and place mixture in the fridge for 5 minutes.
Warm up your waffle iron and spread some coconut oil on it. Take the dough out of the fridge. You should have a runny yet thick consistency. Ladle it into the waffle machine and cook until crispy. Serve with your desired toppings & enjoy!

// Wenn du das Ei benutzt, schlage es mit einer Gabel in einer kleinen Schüssel auf. In einer weiteren Schüssel das Mehl, Backpulver, Vanille und Salz vermengen. In einer großen Schüssel das Ei, Chia Samen, Kokosöl und Ahornsirup mixen. Die trockenen Zutaten dazu geben und gut umrühren. Den Teig für 5 Minuten in den Kühlschrank stellen. Währenddessen dein Waffel-Eisen anschalten und mit Koksöl einfetten. Den Teig aus der Kühlung nehmen, er sollte flüssig und dick sein. Den Teig in das Waffel-Eisen geben und kross backen. Mit gewünschten Toppings bedecken. Enjoy!

1 tbsp raw cacao powder / 1 EL Rohes Kakao Pulver
1 tbsp maple syrup / 1 EL Ahornsirup
1 tbsp almond butter / 1 EL Mandelmus
1 tsp coconut oil / 1 TL Kokosöl

Mix together all of the ingredients in a small bowl. Drizzle over waffles.
// Alle Zutaten in einer kleinen Schüssel mixen. Über die Waffeln verteilen.