I could write a whole book about healthy breakfasts that also go through as a kick-ass-desserts.
With berry season in full swing I noticed that my plates have been looking so girly lately. Different shades of pink, purple and lilac. Isn’t food just so stunningly beautiful sometimes?

As I have also been much more active and started to amp up my exercise routine, I found myself googling all kinds of silly questions like: what to eat before a workout? Best post workout meals…and so on. Yes, crazy. I always had a bit of objective feelings towards this kind of lifestyle, meaning I don’t like to get too obsessive around the question of what to eat, when and how much. But, here I found myself googling and of course got hundreds of contrary opinions about it. There is no right or wrong, just go with your gut and try to incorporate some healthy protein and fat into your meals.

I closed all those tabs, looked inside my fridge and grabbed what I was in the mood for. This is the result. I can approve that it will satisfy you post-workout and also without a workout prior to it. And it gives you a ton of energy for the day if you enjoy it as your breakfast. And I sneaked a beet into it. As simple as that. A healthy and most importantly tasty peanut butter & jelly smoothie – inspired by everyones favourite sandwich combo. Creamy with a hint of vanilla and lemon and just the right amount of freshness thanks to the berries. Go try it!



1 handfull oats / 1 Handvoll Haferflocken
1 tbsp peanut butter / 1 EL Erdnussmus
1 frozen banana / 1 gefrorene Banane
1/4 tsp vanilla / 1 Messerspitze Vanille
1/2 lemon, juiced / Saft einer halben Zitrone
1 small plain yogurt / 1 kleiner Joghurt

1/2 cup frozen raspberries / 50 g gefrorene Himbeeren
1/2 cup frozen blueberries / 50 g gefrorene Heidelbeeren
1 small red beetroot / 1 kleine Rote Bete Knolle
1 tbsp honey / 1 EL Honig
1 tbsp water / 1 EL Wasser

Toppings: fresh mint leaves, berries, hemp seeds, more peanut butter
/ Mit frischen Minz-Blättern, Hanfsamen, Beeren und extra Erdnussmus garnieren

Place all ingredients for the peanut butter smoothie in a blender. Blend until smooth. Pour it halfway into a glas jar, the other half in a bowl. Leave about 1 tablespoon in the blender and add the jelly ingredients. Blend until smooth. Top the jelly layer onto the smoothie. Spoon the rest of the smoothie into the glas and gently stir around a few times. Top with fresh berries, chopped mint, hemp seeds and more peanut butter if you like. Enjoy!

// Gebe alle Zutaten für den Erdnussmus-Smoothie in einen Mixer. Für 1-2 Minuten cremig mixen, dann die Hälfte in ein Glas geben, den Rest in eine Schüssel füllen und beiseite stellen. Circa 1 Esslöffel vom Smoothie im Mixer lassen und die Jelly-Zutaten hinzufügen. Cremig mixen. Jelly ins Glas füllen, mit dem restlichen Smoothie auffüllen. Vorsichtig die obere hälfte umrühren. Mit frischen Beeren, Hanfsamen, Minze und mehr Erdnussmus garnieren. Enjoy!