Dearest readers,
what a crazy summer ride the last couple of weeks have been. So much stuff going on, got done (… some things are still on the to-do-list), good and bad things happened, I jumped up and down – figurely and emotionally.

My boyfriend and I moved in together. Which led me to tidy.the.F.up! Decluttering for real- and let me tell you it was not easy.
But it feels SO good now. Amazing how free and relieved it makes you feel. And it also opens up some paths to act out in different aspects of life. Like decluttering your relationships or cutting the negative self-talk, minimising the to-do lists, let go, release and simplify. For me it was the perfect end of a summer that wasn’t a ”real” summer. But all the decluttering and organising made me see things in another way.

To let go of expectations and just go with a situation makes life so much easier. Honestly, I expected that with him moving in, my apartment would be too crowded and full, that ”me” space I created was in danger and it would all just be too much. It turned out to be the complete opposite. It feels right and light. I finally let go and opened up my home and heart. Got rid of old clutter, things I didn’t need anymore. I just surrounded myself with things and a person that sparks joy in me!
To declutter the too-often worried voices in my head and the actual tyding-up of my home inspired a balanced, calm + motivated mindset.
And with that I create a warmth in my heart, so that a rainy summer does not bother me at all.

We made the best out if it and tried to get some nourishing and vibrant dinners out on our rooftop balcony as often as possible. It’s the little things, right?
And this salad wrapped up in spinach-socca is a celebration to late-summers-harvest. A simple yet precious dish. Luscious caramelised peaches paired with fresh arugula and pine nuts… Need I say more?

I hope you are at peace with your situation wherever you are right now. Maybe find some peace with that salad/socca combo.

Grateful you are here // Enjoy!



1 cup chickpea flour
1 cup water
2-3 handful of fresh spinach
2 tbsp coconut oil (or any other good quality oil)
1 tsp salt
pinch of pepper & ground cumin

3 ripe peaches
3 tbsp olive oil
3 handful arugula
1/2 feta
4 tbsp pine nuts
1/4 cucumber
fresh basil
1 tsp apple cider vinegar
1 tsp maple syrup
salt + pepper to taste

1. In a blender mix the flour, water, spinach, oil, salt and pepper together. Let the dough rest.
2. Heat a pan with a little olive oil, slice the peaches and add them to the pan on medium heat. After 5 minutes add maple syrup and reduce the heat. Let it caramelise.
3. Rinse the arugula, take it to a salad bowl. Add slices of cucumber, pine nuts and basil.
4. Heat a pan on high with a little bit of oil to create a thin layer, add the socca batter and let it bake until it has set and begins to take on colour. Flip around. Repeat with remaining batter, one after the other.
5. Add olive oil, apple cider vinegar, salt + pepper to the salad bowl. Add peaches and some crumbled feta. Carefully stir around.
6. Once the socca are ready, place them on plates and garnish with salad. Wrap it or eat it flat with a fork and knife.