squash soup

I know, another orange soup? Especially with a squash/pumpkin involved?
But let me tell you, for the little amount of time you need to whip it up the taste holds all the aces! The only thing which takes longer is the eggplant, but you could prepare it the night before, on the day itself if you happen to have some time or leave it out of the recipe. It is good though, give it a try. If you have ”busy” written all over your week then only try the soup and a store-bought bread & voila you have made a healthy and satisfying choice. It will save some sanity, trust me!

The time thing is a new ongoing life-event that I am constantly trying to figure out. Sometimes I feel like I outsmarted it and then one second later a list of urgent-asap ”to-do’s” kind of magically lands on my door step. Do you know what I am talking about?
So to prepare for well, LIFE and all its ups and downs time-wise, you and I can at least make sure to eat a cozy dish, so our bodies have the strength to power through. Simple, cozy and quick, sounds about right, doesn’t it?

Also I don’t want to complain too much about the time thing. I manifested a versatile, busy and abundant life and I know that it can change into an even fuller life when I allow it. So it is actually a reminder to be present and grateful every single day. I guess saving some time here and there with little tricks is what makes the difference to stay fully present for the big life events when it is needed. My life is beautifully full these days. Between writing, cooking, teaching yoga, coaching and studying I attempt to carve out some time to have a social life, start a business, be there for others, exercise, meditate and do the dishes (many dishes). It is a lot. And it works and flows & grows until it sometimes doesn’t and I feel I lose it.  The first thing that suffers is ”me-time” and secondly the openness to respond and be there for others. Which goes hand in hand. To get back on track you have to start simple with little actions and keep your sanity. Enter the soup.

It’s a flavourful squash soup to give you a comfy-cozy feeling, make sure to double the recipe if you want to have leftovers for the next day and freeze the rest, just to be prepared for buys days ahead. If you are in the mood this weekend, try and bake your own bread, get the eggplants roasting and read through the weekend link-list. Enjoy the ”date-with-yourself”!

Weekend Links

I have already been in love with spiced coffee, but Elenores Super Latte (…the pictures!!) made me crave a herbal coffee alternative, so badly. Yes to frothy, warm concoctions! 

The herbal latte experiments made me like the taste of dandelion root-tea. And I am excited to make my own following this guide.  

I promised myself to slow things down in December and dive deeper into spiritual/mind work. I will read a lot about chakras, subtle energies and about the Ten bodies system

Thanks to Sophie I may finally get to make a fire cider, which has been a neglected point on my kitchen-to-do-list. 

Enjoyed reading this article

Free+Natives Lacy inspired me to rethink waste and try out a zero-waste-lifestyle.
Going to watch this channel for more ideas. Trash is for tossers! 


3 tbsp ghee
3 red onions, choped
4 garlic cloves, chopped
1 tsp sea salt + more to taste
1 medium kabocha squash
1 cup red lentils
7 cups filtered water
2 tsp tamari
1 tsp turmeric
1 tsp cinnamon
ground black pepper

In a large pan, sauté the onions in ghee. Add garlic, salt and spices. Remove the seeds from your squash, cut into dices and add to the pan.  Add the lentils and water. Cook for 20 minutes, covered. You can blend it or skip that part and eat it as a stew. Stir in tamarin and some fresh ground black pepper. Enjoy warm with a piece of sourdough bread and roasted eggplant.

2-4 eggplants
1-2 tbsp coconut oil
1-2 tbsp maple syrup
salt & pepper

Cut the eggplants lengthwise. Then Cut the flesh diagonal not all the way down so the surface stays whole. Add salt into the sides and on top. Leave them like that open-faced for 30 minutes. Preheat the oven to 200c / 400 F and squeeze out all the liquid of the eggplant. Place them face-down on a prepared baking dish with parchment paper. Add coconut oil, maple syrup, salt and pepper. Roast for 40-60 minutes.  It gets better with every minute after the 40 minute mark. You can also reduce the heat a little after that.

I do hope you enjoy the quick winter recipes I get to share with you here.  Let me know if you give any a try by tagging your Instagram photos with #heartybite Let’s connect!