With this series I am sharing my absolute admiration and honor of beautiful empowering women whom I feel deeply inspired by. Each is unique but they all share one important quality – living what they love with authenticity. I am impressed by their courage, passion and success.
Connecting & supporting each other is a theme close to my heart and through this space I will share their beauty and creativity with all of you.

Get mesmerized, empowered and inspired – Time for girl crushes & intriguing details!


Oh if there is one lady in the whole universe who I would fly over for my wedding someday to create the most amazing cake(s!) it would be Emily (…and of course because I want to finally meet this awesome canadian girl who started a raw-cake revolution and inspired me to give it a try back in the day) Emily von Euw is the brilliant creator of the award-winning blog This Rawsome Vegan Life and three cookbooks. Around 5  years ago I started reading her blog and was intrigued by not only the simple raw cuisine but also her raw unique touch to it. Honest & authentic –  is what first comes to mind, when I think of her work.

“I aim to be aware of my privileges as much as possible, consider their potentially damaging effect on others, and try to minimize that.” 

Emily wants to eat and share food that makes us feel good. A simple message which aligns with her mission of veganism and activism, symbiotically with the earth. If you have not yet been on her rawsome-web-world, I encourage you to do so because who does not want Fudgey Chocolate Peanut Butter Slices in their life? And those? Or how about some Chocolate cookies smooshed with raspberry cream? It is a healthy dessert paradise to say the least! Read all about her journey, wisdom, body-image and mission in this honest and beautiful interview. So grateful for you Emily & all that you do! You are a rockstar!



YOU ARE… alive (I think), tryin’ to minimize suffering in the world through my lifestyle, and breathing.

PATH OF SERVICE… makin’ yummy vegan recipes for the world (via my blog, and my cookbooks which you can find on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, The Book Depository and where ever books are sold)! Also getting more into speaking up on gender issues.


WHAT LED YOU TO HERE… that question is impossible to answer, because I do not understand how the universe works!! But basically every second of my life has led me here, and in alternate universes I would be on a different path. I am really glad this is the world I am in though, because it’s pretty great. Anways I guess a more appropriate answer is: I loved baking, then I decided to go vegan because it’s just the smart thing to do, so I re-created my baked recipes into raw vegan treats. I also always liked photography and writing, so when my parents told me I should put my recipes on the internet, I got over my lack of computer skillage, made a blog and put all my interests together.

A TYPICAL DAY… wake up, drink a litre of water, do computer stuff ‘til I get hungry. Then I make a smoothie or oatmeal or just eat a bunch of fruits and go to the gym with that energy. Pump it out. Lately I have been really into lifting heavy with the barbell. Get home and eat more fruit or oats. And keep drinking water (I try to get in a gallon a day). Then I make a recipe for my blog or work on a cookbook (although I FINALLY finished my third one a few days ago so now I am takin’ a break). I consider this my “work”. Hah. I love to hike, bike, listen to records, go to the farmers market or grocery store, or check out events in my area like art/music shows; so then I will probably spend the rest of the day doing that. Then I make a giant dinner of rice, veggies or whatever is in the house and watch a movie or documentary. Banana ice cream will definitely get in there somewhere, at some point.

WHAT DOES BEING A WOMAN MEAN TO YOU? I don’t know if I really like identifying with that word these days. I prefer to think of myself as simply a human being instead of allowing my body to be placed into a binary system (of males and females). This way of thinking gives me more freedom to express myself however I want. But in some sense I definitely still resonate with the word “woman” because I am alive in a world that still recognizes sex/gender as a very important aspect of who you are, and thus I have shared experiences with many other women. To me it means I am still a second class citizen compared to specific male groups in my culture, but these days the sexism is very subtle so often it goes undetected. But looking on the positive side: it means I am a tough-ass organism who is emotionally-aware, compassionate, and the source of human life. It rocks.

EXPRESSION OF CONSCIOUSNESS & SUSTAINABILITY? The thing you have to remember is that you can never be the perfect vegan/eco-concious person/saver of the world. The only thing you can do is IMPROVE everyday and become more aware and make more responsible changes. Sure, I call myself vegan which means I am living a “cruelty-free” lifestyle but I don’t know how the guy who worked on the banana farm I got my bananas from is treated. And don’t get me started on non-food purchase choices. It seems like buying a bra from Victoria’s Secret is an innocent, fun thing to do. Nope, they use child labour. And frankly there was probably some BS involved in the process of me getting this Apple laptop. So simply being a citizen in a more developed country (and most likely less developed countries as well) requires you to make seemingly innocent choices that actually have really shitty effects on a lot of different factors (people, planet, animals). I just ate some veggie sushi with Jack – yum – and we had to throw the styrofoam in the garbage; it’ll take a bajillion year to decompose. I am not trying to bum everyone out, and it’s not like I am constantly living in a depressed state over this, but we need to recognize it! So we just gotta keep making better choices and consider all those involved as much as possible. I feel it’s our responsibility. If we are gonna buy that bra, we should be responisble for knowing how it got there on the rack. We cannot trust companies to do this. ANYWAYS: I TRY to be live sustainably and conciously by being vegan, buying clothes/shoes almost exclusively from thrift stores or else (organic, sweat-shop free threads!), buying lots from the farmers market, biking places or taking transit, using organic simple ingredients on my bod (like oils, apple cider vinegar, fruits and oats), using eco-friendly, locally-made cleaning products. Let’s also keep in mind I have the ability live like this because of a lot of luck: I am white, female, living in a more developed country, financially-comfortable, able-bodied, educated, and all those other priviledges we lucky folk tend to take for granted.

WHAT ARE YOU GRATEFUL FOR? All the cheap sushi in Vancouver. The veins in leaves. My cat/lover, Dante. My human/lover, Jack. My BODY. Tahini. Papaya. Spring water. Sunshine on my skin. Sweat. The barbell. Mariah Carey. Herman Hesse. Organic cotton. Oh my gosh and the concord grapes that are gonna be at the farmer’s market soon.

IDEA OF HAPPINESS? Kinda just all the stuff above brought together in an off-the-grid house in Keremeos, BC. Still haven’t been there but they grow organic fruit everywhere so.

PHILOSOPHY ON FOOD & WELLNESS? Eat whole foods. Preferably local, organic and colourful. Wellness is a holistic concept that involves food but so much more: mindfulness, self-love, exercise, hydration, relationships and longevity. meditation will help everything.


WHO/WHAT INSPIRES YOU? Vegan ladies I follow on IG who are killin’ it in the gym everday. People who Rich Roll interviews for his podcast. Hercules & Love Affair.



Personal growth?
Growing in self-love everyday. I used to have a serious eating disorder and I don’t think you ever really recover because it’s a mindset more than anything else BUT I have learned to love myself as I am, most of the time. Letting go of stuff (including gender restrictions, clothes I don’t wear, objects I don’t need, people who don’t inspire me). Going harder in the gym. Wearing mostly organic fabrics. Shaving my head.

Lesson learned?
Get to know yourself and find others who inspire you, then work to take something useful from all those people and work it into becoming a great version of yourself. Do not stop improving. Do not apologize unless you really mean it. Buy a Diva Cup (for yourself or for someone with uterus who you care about). Do not lower your standards for anyone. You are better than that.

Adivce given?
Eat whole, colourful plant foods all the time and drink lots of water. Sweat and breathe deeply every day. Meditate everyday (even if it’s just 5 minutes, all you gotta do is go somewhere quiet, breathe deeply, and repeat a word (ex. Om) over a few times until you kinda zone out but also feel really peaceful).

Advice for women?
Get a Diva Cup. Shave your head. If you wear makeup, get it organic and natural (although FYI you’re already a babe, you don’t need makeup). Don’t take no shit. Consider dating or at least making love with another woman, it’s very gentle and sweet. Lift heavy weights with good form and get STRONG. That’s how you get confident. Don’t worry about the thigh gap. Do a sexy photo shoot with yourself. Throw away magazines that have skinny, 12 yeard old-looking models posing in weak, inferior ways. Check out plus-size models and realize that is how MOST OF US look and it’s fabulous. By that I mean most of us are plus-size or larger and these skinny chicas we see on TV, movies and mags are a minority body type. Human bodies are not beautiful or ugly, they’re a spectrum of different, unqiue shapes, sizes and colours. Embrace the one you have because no one else gets to live in it. Just my opinion. I am all about self-love and strength. Don’t care about what your body LOOKS like, care about what it can DO.

Advice for success?
Do you. Do it strong. Do it better than anyone else is doing it. Share the shit out of it on social media.

Advice for your younger self?
Don’t waste time with people who don’t make you happy most of the time. Don’t buy crap you don’t need. If I am 15 or younger: go vegan now!

Quality in a woman?
Sensuality, fertility. Strength and perseverance during Menstruation Week. Mmmmhhhm.

Relationship Advice?
Do not lower your standards. Do not settle. Demand exactly what you want in bed (or wherever you’re doing sexual things). Buy some good quality dildos and organic vegan lube and use on each other. Role play. They need to make you a better person or else get out of the relationship. They also need to allow you to keep being yourself, don’t let them complete you; be a complete person who loves another complete person.

Thing you always carry in your bag?
Organic vegan lip balm, my glasses, my debit card, my phone, water. I SHOULD always carry reusable bags but I keep forgetting.



…for your soul?

…for your heart?

…for the mind?

…for your body?

…for your spirit?

Eating clean, mediating, having sex, working out, taking baths, petting Dante (all-in-one answer).



Breakfast? Green smoothie

Lunch? Fruit

Dinner? Veggies, greens and rice with tahini.

Snack? Dates or fresh fruit.

Treat? Vegan pizza.

Drink? Water or pineapple juice.

Restaurant? Axum Ethiopian. Get the veggie combo. Or sushi. Avocado roll for life.

Kitchen appliance? Vitamix.

Book? One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garica Marquez

Music? At the moment… R. Kelly – Ignition (THE ORIGINAL, not the remix).

Movie? I really liked the feminist vibe in Mad Max. Also really like Bram Stoker’s Dracula… Les Triplettes De Bellville… Oh and The Shining.


Artist? Michael Flomen

Place? The house in Wells Jack and I are stayin in right now.

Way to move? Dance.

Herb? Basil.

Plant? Maybe the olive tree. But I love them all.

Beauty Product? Apple cider vinegar. All my food.

Clothing? Organic cotton thongs (from




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All Pictures by Emily von Euw via ThisRawsomeveganlife