My food journey has shown me that healing and feeling your very best is a process. My body knows what is best for me and yours does too – We just need to listen. It can take time and only with regularity and patience a connection occurs, which brings change. The subtle signals want be adressed before the not so subtle signals appear (think everything that you can see on the outside of your body and a noticeable change in mood/character). Books can be a nice company on your journey towards health and hormonal balance. But in the end it is essential that you do the soul & root searching yourself. It is more about activating and acting out the intuition. Hormones are shaping our everyday life and actions, emotions and organs.

This step helped me to go deeper in my layers and shift my health from the deep roots – and slowly onto the surface. Here are my favourite 5 eating tips for hormonal balance:

Loads of them. In form of sprouts, greens, fermented kraut, herbs, seasonal veggies, legumes, fruit. Broccoli is a good one for women. When I feel exhausted I add spirulina or chlorella into my smoothies, to give me that extra kick of vital minerals and vitamins. Plant goodness combined: Corn Turmeric Wraps.

Food is energy. I try to balance out my meals with cooked, steamed and alive foods. Fresh herbs, sprouts, micro greens, fresh greens, sauerkraut paired with veggies, some grains and a protein like chickpeas, tempeh, lentils, beans, eggs, feta etc. I developed a balanced mindset through and with it, and a relationship which nourishes more than the hunger. It goes beyond. I work with that energy, I put love and good intentions into cooking and preparing my food. My heart, mind and body come into balance, senses and cells are nourished. Feel the love and warmth with a Healing Kitchari.

Alive foods like fermented sauerkraut, yogurt, tempeh or Kombucha are essential parts of a healthy diet as they are an active support for our digestion, support our immune system, clear up skin, regulate weight & boost a happy mindset. Sauerkraut is also high in iron, folic acid, fiber and probiotic bacteria – Which makes it a superfood for women and mamas + supports a balanced hormone system and digestion.Love for good bacteria & enzymes! But also fiber rich foods like sweet potato, figs, avocado, berries, coconut, pear and peas. In the mood for a Probiotic Smoothie?

This is a game changer. I consciously eat more fat than ever. And it serves my hormones, mind (our brains consist of 60 percent fat and need good fat to function well) and energy levels. My favourite sources of good fat are avocado, ghee, coconut oil, linseed oil, walnuts and almond butter. A good treat are these Tahini Maca Chocolate Blondies.

Take care of your endocrine system with adaptogens. I love reishi, ashwagandha and maca. There are so many more out there with wonderful benefits. What I love about these three is their ability to calm and regulate. It is exactly what my nervous and hormone system needs. Try out my Pumpkin Spiced Reishi Latte. 

// Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and only share my routine as an inspiration not a prescription. Please go see a medical professional if you’re really ill and seek advice. 


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