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With this series I am sharing my admiration and honor of beautiful empowering women whom I feel deeply inspired by. Each is unique but they all share one important quality – living what they love with authenticity. I am impressed by their courage, passion and success. Connecting & supporting each other is essential and vital. Through this space I will share their beauty and creativity with all of you. So we can grow and learn together!

Get empowered and inspired – Time for women crushes!


The Interview Series have become a very treasured place and I am grateful for lovely Erica Jago, joining and sharing a part of her world. I can’t grasp an exact time, but it must have been before her book “Art of Attention” (co-created by Elena Brower) came out and I was instantly amazed by Ericas creativity and unique way. I saw art, expression, vulnerability, beauty – so much love and detail in her work. Erica is a graphic designer and yoga instructor, living and teaching in Hawaii, Amsterdam and hosting retreats all over the world. Maybe you have come across her cute Asanaglyphs? Or her new book project “Angelus“?  I personally love her offerings on “HouseofYoga“, her creative Instagram-World, following along her retreat insights…and maybe I will find my way to Amsterdam to attend one of her chakra workshops! Thank you Erica for sharing your gifts with the world, with such grace, honesty and heart!!


erica jago

YOU ARE… graphic designer, yoga instructor, author

PATH OF SERVICE…I teach global yoga and creativity retreats. Author and designer of spiritual books working specifically with visionary art and emotionally connected yoga.

YOUR MISSION…To help others manifest a deep, bold beauty through a genuine understanding of their heart.

WHAT LED YOU TO HERE…The road of recovery.

A TYPICAL or ideal DAY…morning pages, yoga, teaching, designing, nature walk with my man and our cats

WHAT DOES BEING A WOMAN MEAN TO YOU?… As a woman I remind others of grace by practicing seeing the highest of levels in others behaviors.

EXPRESSION OF CONSCIOUSNESS & SUSTAINABILITY? To communicate a presence that is content, contained, complete and consciousness.

WHAT ARE YOU GRATEFUL FOR? My freedom which expands more and more, every time I choose to release my compulsions.

YOUR IDEA OF HAPPINESS? At home, with my family, laughing until our faces hurt.


WHO/WHAT INSPIRES YOU? … Russell Brand for his comedic spiritual talk, Carolyn Myss for her authorship and use of archetypes, Sophia Coppola for her style and films, Marina Abramovic for being present as an artist, Jennifer Sterling my first graphic design heroine, Lauren Zander my life saver.


Personal growth? … loose the victimhood
Advice given? … stop lying and start telling the truth
Advice for women? … experience yourself as the woman you dream of being

Advice for success?… Unsubscribe, unfollow and just do you!
Advice for your younger self? … You are stronger than you think and more more beautiful than you believe.
Relationship Advice?… Maybe it’s you?
Thing you always carry in your bag?… Moleskin, peppermint oil, ruby Mala


Mornings: kisses and cuddles, hot lemon water, smoothie

Nighttime: rub my feet and legs with essential oils, read in bed

Self-care/beauty: my own mix of jojoba oil with myrrh, frankinscence, geranium and clary sage

Medicinal: Tumeric, apple cider vinegar, maple syrup, black pepper with hot water

Ritual to tap into your truth: I reach out to my life coach, Lauren Zander and she will have me write a purge of where I am, what I’m dealing with and then we design a plan to keep me in integrity which involves making promises with myself that if broken have, sometimes, hilarious consequences 🙂


…for your soul? Dancing to an hour long playlist alone in my room

…for the mind? Reading any of my favorite books, The Wisdom of Sundays, What We Ache For, Maps to Ecstasy, Gene Keys

…for your body? Acupuncture

…for your spirit? Reiki


Treat: POPCORN and/or dark chocolate

Restaurant: Abinish on Haarlemmerstraat, Amsterdam and Beet Box Cafe in Haleiwa, Hawaii

Book: The Wisdom of Sundays – I did the layout of this book for Oprah!

Quote: The ho’oponopono : I love you, I’m sorry, Please forgive me, I thank you.

Way to move: in a way that can’t be copied, memorized or planned.

Beauty Product: jojoba oil

Creativity expression: ANGELUS, my second book coming out in 2018


Upcoming events, projects etc. 

Are you ready to face your pain to find your purpose?

Angelus is an experiential chakra workbook that goes beyond the intellectual understanding of the chakras. It presents a proven methodology of emotionally connected yoga and visually powerful art as a means to see and feel your body’s wisdom.

This pioneering formula has helped us personally through some of the toughest times in our lives. We are beyond excited to now share it with you.


7 relatable stories about the chakras

Each chapter opens with a relatable story about a heroine who finds the courage to face her pain to help you emotionally connect to each chakra. She reminds us of ourselves at our weakest, most broken moments and you are beckoned to join her as she finds inner purpose.

21 heart warming yoga sequences

All chapters contain three heartwarming yoga sequences, illustrated with easy to comprehend illustrations (Asanaglyphs), to physically experience the chakras. Suitable for all level practitioners, we have included beginner meditations to help you find peace of mind.

7 transformational creative exercises

Each chapter ends with a transformational creative exerciseinviting you to recreate thought patterns and shift daily habits as they relate to the chakras. Applying these simple yet potent practices will guide you to face your pain and find your purpose.



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