For the new year to come.
A conversation with my heart.

Reminder: BE there for myself! In all kinds of ways that nurture and serve me, always changing. Knowing that the ebb and flow is part of it all. Just come back. Come back. Come back.

Today I will share my personal Manifestation List with you, for you and me: A list of states that are already there and are in need of attention and nurturing, things that serve me and that I want to remember, to come back to, prioritise and change perspective when needed.

– Empowerment
– Faith
– Growth
– Community
– Path
– Provided
– Inner knowledge
– Creation

Words to live by that guide and push me – for myself but also to share. Sharing is such an important tool when it comes to manifestation. “Speak it into existence” Because why keep it to yourself? Out of fear being not worthy enough to receive it? Out of fear of jealousy or competition?  I know my worth and am done playing small. I want to be of service, to share goodness so we can learn from & with each other. In the past I’ve noticed it is easy for me to suggest something to a person “Be this, do that…etc.” even demanding it. BUT its much more effective or of value when you are doing it yourself – walk the talk and lead by example. Because I am a mirror, the change begins in me and I reflect it back to you. Through that I am walking the truth, the true me, no faking, not pretending. Through that I can inspire and empower others to become better and true versions of themselves.

For some that list might appear like some random words, for me it was a stream of consciousness after a full moon ritual evening when my intuition and heart had the chance to speak through a channel. These words make sense to me, I keep coming back to them and for them. They form a whole circle of truth + what I want to manifest and fill my life with.

Manifestation has a lot to do with controlling my mind and thoughts. To step out of my thinking monkey mind which can be repetitive, limiting, destructive and full of guilt sometimes. I imagine them like clouds blocking the sky, the sun and the moon. And thats ok. The first step is to always see the whole picture, acknowledge it and then to remember: I have the power where to look. The choice. With each and every breath, with every new day. New possibilities to thrive and grow.  As long as there are also times and phases in which I can tap into my heart space. Then I act/think/speak and lead out of love & intuition. When it all makes sense. The clouds dissolve, I surrender and gain strength from the sun and moon reappearing on the sky. I gather new strengt, passion and vision to create and find myself. Over and over again.

It’s remembering how to tap into that state because its already there, in me. I am my own healer, lover, guide and friend. With every cloudy storm I have the chance to shed another layer and say goodbye to an old version of me: the younger afraid me, full of doubts. With every cycle and act of self-care I can shed one layer, strip it off. So much potential to unfold, transform and become free.
Allowance and an open vessel is important for that step. “HEART FORWARD” no matter what. You know the truth by the way it feels. Creativity and writing is one essential ritual for me to come back, find myself and breathe the clouds and limiting beliefs away. Breathing it free. Every time I do it, the sky stays clearer a little while longer. VICTORY.

To a fresh start with all that I was, all that I am, all that I will be. Sharing and connecting with and in community is one of the most expansive experiences we can do.

Growth – Faith – Provided.


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