I love to create my own Retreats at home. I do this every moon cycle but also when I feel exhausted, after a phase of sickness or a busy week…etc. The shifts in energy and the recharge are fascinating every time. Over the years I collected some tools that work for me, they change slightly from time to time. I am sharing them with you today as an inspiration of how a Weekend-Cleanse-Retreat could look like. The most important thing is: Be aware of how much you are worth it, take some time, do not schedule anything for Saturday and Sunday and just BE.

Connect deeply with how sacred you are and tune in with holistic rituals to nourish your body, mind, spirit and soul. It is a mild cleanse for your organs, digestive system, your nervous system –  recharge and feel the effects almost immediately.

MOVEMENT | Some form of mixed movements, makes an hour worth of moving and shifting emotions. Before you start to move, tune in with some meditation to know where you at and find out what you need that day. Or end the whole movement sequence with a long meditation to feel what shifted.
Move intuitively to suit your needs. Light Yoga or powerful, Yin with poses for the liver and kidney, detox poses such as twists, inversions, long hold hip openers etc.
Intuitive Dance
Put on your favourite music to which you cannot sit still, close your eyes, volume up and just dance out your emotions
Qi Gong 
Combine breath and slow movements. Work with your energies.

MEDITATION | In the morning and before bed, take 5 to 30 Minutes to sit in silence. Feel, breathe, be with yourself. Silence the monkey mind. 
You can try the Ho’oponopono Affirmation Meditation for forgiveness and self love. It has four steps and is a simple yet very effective deep healing tool:
With each step you can stay as long as you want and repeat the sentence for a few minutes over and over. If you feel like any step is an area to get out more you can take a journal and write between your meditation. Another Meditation is to just sit still and breathe.

”I’m sorry” Say it in your head or if you want say it out loud a couple times in the beginning or end, it will get easier with the time.
”Please forgive me” Don’t worry about who you’re asking. Just ask. Say it over and over. Mean it.
”Thank you” Again it doesn’t really matter who or what you’re thanking. Maybe its a person, a circumstance, yourself…
”I love you” Say I LOVE YOU to your challenges. To yourself. To anyone or anything. To your body etc. Say it over and over. Mean it. Feel it.


Free writing can feel very cleansing for the mind and the heart. Gratitude writing nourishes your soul. Make a list of what no longer serves you. Again, do what serves you this weekend.

Journaling during meditation: Ho’oponopono

“I realize that I am responsible for the ______ (issue) in my life and I feel terrible remorse that something in my consciousness has caused this.” What has caused this? A trigger?

BREATH | Spend some time with your breath. Even just 10-30 Minutes a day, with or without movement have huge relaxing effects on your nervous system, transport you into the present moment and give you energy.

Kundalini Kriyas:
Breath of fire (not during your menstruation), Nadi Shodhana both in the morning and before bed.

Digestion Pranayama: Sit on your heels. Breathe in through your nose, really fill up. Hold the breath and move your stomach organs from left to right without moving the spine as long as you are holding the breath. Then stop the movement and breath out through the nose. Breathe in and out through the nose and then repeat. Switch the movement of the belly first left to right, then second breath cycle: up and down. Repeat again. 3 Minutes in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening, 2 hours after dinner.

BATH | A bath is deeply nervous system calming with the benefit of remineralizing the body. It’s also a wonderful aid in gently detoxifying.

Essential List for your Bath (in order)

– 40 Minutes of no interruption and absolute bliss
– Candles and salt lamps as the only light
– Deep Theta Healing Brainwaves
– Dry Body Brush
– Abhyanga self massage with warm sesame oil and some rose essential oil, you could also do this after the bath
– A hot bath with Magnesium Salt and any relaxing essential oil you fancy
– A cup of tea or water

Bulgarian Rose Otto
Rose helps to regulate menstruation, ease cramps and balance negative emotions such as anxiety, fear (of change) and supports all types of gynecological imbalances. It is also soothing, softening and gently toning the skin.

NATURE | Earthing, a simple 10 minute barefoot connection with the grass, sand, sea, or dirt. Profound invisible benefits, balancing out negative charge and positive electrons (free radicals), grounding, therapeutic and anti-inflammatory.

Walking. Just being out in nature, regardless of the season.

NOURISHMENT | One of the most powerful tools to become balanced is due to mono meals. They are rich in fiber & hormone feeding fats, that help the liver to detoxify excess estrogen much quicker through morning elimination and essential fats to build the hormones you need.

Give your liver and digestive organs a break and eat Kitchari for 2-3 days. Kitchari is very easy to digest, nourishing, grounding, warming, alkalizing, brain feeding, satiating, blood & cellular oxygenating and gently detoxifying without giving you the feeling of restriction. Find the recipe here. Warm up some Kitchari when you feel hungry throughout the day, add some more water to make it creamier or even have it as a soup.

Start with a glas of warm water with lemon and a splash of apple cider vinegar. If you are not in the mood to eat Kitchari for breakfast, then try some soaked oats and flax seeds, heated in the morning with cinnamon, ghee, turmeric and cardamom. You can add some nut butter and raw honey if you want. But stick to simple meals and try out the kitchari in the morning. It will leave you feeling grounded and nourished, it is very beneficial for a stable blood sugar, if you usually tend to crash because of sugar and coffee.

Warm Tonic
Listen to your body, when you do not feel that hungry, see if a warm delicious tonic maybe is enough and have it as your dinner, breakfast, snack or lunch. You can find a recipe for a Pumpkin spiced Tonic here or a creamy Matcha Latte here – feel free to switch out the matcha with raw cacao, turmeric to make golden mylk or another plant/herb/mushroom that you like. I love to end my days with a golden mylk.

Tea Infusion
Drink hot tea and infusions all day long, to deeply mineralise and gently detox. You can find a list of my favourite tea blends and infusions here.

RITUALS | A few staple rituals that you can incorporate to the weekend, which need no further explanation:

– Ayurvedic Tongue Scraper
– Oil pulling with coconut oil and essential oils
– Warm water with lemon
– A tablespoon of raw ginger before meals
– A tablespoon of Triphala before bed
– A probiotic, magnesium and zinc after breakfast
– Tea Infusion / Tea Ceremonies
– Face Mask with Honey
– Brain waves and Mantras playing in the background
– Rest
– Add some creative activities
– Stay away from your computer and smartphone as much as you can, that alone is a retreat
– Reading a good book
– Cleaning the apartment and getting rid of things that do not bring you joy
– Sunday Evening: With a clear mind, write a to-do list for the week ahead, incorporate some rituals that worked, prepare meals or snacks, schedule a time for another cleanse weekend

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