With this series I am sharing my admiration and honor of beautiful empowering women whom I feel deeply inspired by. Each is unique but they all share one important quality – living what they love with authenticity. I am impressed by their courage, passion and success. Connecting & supporting each other is essential and vital. Through this space I will share their beauty and creativity with all of you. So we can grow and learn together!

Get empowered and inspired – Time for women crushes!


Nothing but golden love for this amazing women, Zoe Lind van’t Hof, founder of Wunder Workshop and Boobs’Essential. Zoe is a maker, visionary and a strong woman who I deeply respect and am inspired by. WUNDER WORKSHOP is a purpose driven food brand based in London and they make incredible turmeric products. We use them for our GLORY Fullmoon Workshops and personally I use turmeric daily for its anti-inflammatory benefits. Boobs’Essential is made in memory of Zoe’s mother, it’s a blend of potent, soothing oils + essential oils that play an important role in nurturing breasts. I mean, wow. Essential and important work on topics that need more awareness and appreciation. I have always been outspoken about preventative health care rather than acting when its too late / or jumping on the fast wagon with stuff to shut down and make your life even worse in the long run.

I feel so lucky for truly knowing what my “element” is, and for living it, and for me it certainly is creating weird and wonderful tonics and potions with magical roots and herbs. Basically being a witch. Apparently I was one in my past life…

How can you not be enchanted by this sunshine?
Read all about Zoe’s passions, what motivates her and how she got to live her fullest potential. Thank you Zoe for sharing a bit of your life and wisdom.


A positive minded wellbeing entrepreneur, a curious being, born in Australia, raised in Germany with Dutch and Russian roots.

Spreading happy and healthy vibes, from positive thinking to including ancient medicinal wisdom into our daily lives.

To create more awareness and mindfulness about what we consume, to create understanding about where our food and clothes come from. Hoping that we all become more conscious people with empathy and respect for our planet and all beings.

My late mother, the most resilient, fragile and powerful woman I have met.

A TYPICAL or ideal DAY
On a typical day I start by taking a moment for myself, to feel grateful for the opportunities, followed by healthy food and turmeric tonics. On my ideal day, this is followed by a swim in the ocean, fresh air and seeing a horizon. On both my typical and ideal day this is followed by working on my projects and by creating new and wonderful things. The evenings are spent with my boyfriend, friends or happily by myself reading and writing. I often think how incredibly fortunate I am that I mostly live my ‘ideal’ day, every day.

Tuning in to my feminine side, having an open and caring heart for everyone. I feel most feminine when dancing, whether it is by myself or in a crowd.

Leading a lifestyle that leaves no harm to our environment, being a conscious consumer and choosing quality over quantity.

For being able to enjoy life to its fullest potential. Being able to be content with little things and that I am generally a very happy being.

Doing what I love daily, but also finding the light through the darkness. One thing that life has taught me so clearly is that one cannot fully appreciate pure happiness without coming from deep sadness and pain. Fully accepting and surrendering, opens up my way to happiness.

Being as pure, organic and wholesome as possible. Having self-respect is number one. Food and wellness is how we nurture ourselves, so the quality and the origin of what we consume is so important. Secondly, being an emphatic being, respecting the planet with the choices we make, as what we eat doesn’t only affect us but also those who make it, the land that provides it and the animals that suffer for human consumption. I am vegetarian since birth and vegan as much as possible. I find it hard to give it a name as it comes with a lot of stigma and weight. Especially as I believe that if I am invited somewhere and someone lovingly made me a meal, which might contain meat or dairy – I will still eat this as I respect the host and also the idea of wasting food is awful.

Again, my late mother. Other than that I am fascinated by extreme athletes, the mindset, dedication and the physical capability is so mind blowing to me and something I would love to achieve one day.



Personal growth?

Advice given?
As a perfectionist and plan freak, it is life’s advice to me that you can plan as much as you want, but in the end you are never solely in control of your life.

Advice for women?
To always stand up for yourself and not let yourself be treated condescendingly.

Advice for success?
To follow your passion

Advice for your younger self?
To not care what others think about you

Relationship Advice?
To not try and find the perfect partner/friend by looking for all your interests in one person, but to instead create a village of friends with different personalities and interests.

Thing you always carry in your bag?
Not that much apart from a book. I love reading whenever I find a minute, whether on the tube, in a café or anywhere else that I need to wait. I also always carry my Hurraw lip balm.


A few moments to myself, followed by an apple cider vinger & turmeric tonic whilst reading an article or reading a chapter in a non-fiction book. I love learning something new right at the start of the day.

Golden Turmeric Tea, lighting my essential oil diffusor, plan the next day and reading a book.

Once a week I use my Boobs’Essential, to check in with my body and check my breasts for any lumps. After my mother passing away from breast cancer, I realised how important it is to get to know your breasts. I also make a turmeric face mask once a week. Other than that on a daily basis, I dry brush my skin frequently and use rose water as a toner and other homemade skin care such as argan oil/almond oil infused with essential oils such as frankincense to moisturize my body.

I have my dose of Turmeric CBD oil every morning and twice a day I will make myself a Wunder potion. This usually involves one of my turmeric blends, my golden adaptogens and mushroom blends (containing ashwagandha, cordyceps, reishi, brahmi, liquorice and more) with a teaspoon of coconut oil, heated up together in homemade almond or oat milk. On days I need to especially focus I will add a shot of espresso or matcha to the potion, to give it an extra boost.

Ritual to tap into your truth
Going to my Jivamukti yoga class, it brings me straight back to myself and resets all my mental buttons.


…for your soul?
Laughing with my friends

…for the mind?
Reading educational books or listening to inspiring podcasts

…for your body?
Dancing and yoga

…for your spirit?


Blue corn or lentil crisps dipped in a garlicy hummus

The Boat House – Palm Beach, Australia

The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle

This too shall pass.

Sri Lanka

Way to move

Beauty Product
Argan oil

Creativity expression
Decorating rooms and building houses (mostly and mainly in my mind).


I am currently in Australia, creating a bit of a routine for myself in my birth country and spending time here to see if I would like to live here someday soon. We will be heading to LA in March to exhibit at Expo West – a natural and organic trade show, and will stay in LA for the whole of March to explore the health and wellbeing scene.

In April we have 2 trade shows in London and we are raising capital to grow our business. I don’t like to plan too much further ahead than that, as I mentioned before plans don’t always work out… so I’d rather go with the flow.



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